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Nomad Souls at the Tipping Point

Traveling through these times of challenges, so many are so brave. Their souls can’t be trapped anymore into a life of fear. The strange side effect of that bravery is the breaking free of “trust me I am your safety” political systems that ride the West.

Amazingly, all their surveillance and bureaucratic interference in the smallest aspects of our lives doesn’t seem to help one bit, or, it is designed to not be remotely preventive. Every day it reaches new heights and with the random violence more or less strategically enhancing the hype for security, taking down our rights one stabbing knife at a time.

It brings both sadness and joy to see through that.

It brings sadness on behalf of the victims involved and to see that we ourselves once were blind to this design. It brings sadness to see populations being taken hostage in the “stay in your seat and don’t ask questions” fear agenda. Along the way it has become joyful, almost a sport to recognize the Control System and the very primitive way it works: Fear controlling the view of the Mundane and the Celestial through organized and partly also alternative boxed in religion.

To finally feel and touch that Celestial in its purest form as: The Unconditional Love From Above.

God, or what you prefer to label it as, is not a helicopter parent hovering over His children looking for any wrong move or wrongdoings. God doesn’t care about religion as little as He cares about infidels. In other words, He didn’t create this life of  imprisonment as a sad excuse for avoiding to deal with freedom loving souls. A hard mundane life and then the afterlife of a saint. It’s a sick joke.

It is a very profound life experience to recognize that – the prison cells in Mainstream Spirituality are equally as rigid as those in Big Government and Religion.

Uncovering the layers in these installments raises a certain amount of anger before that same anger, social anger, spiritual anger, whatever anger transcends, not into forgiveness but into a conscious reality where we find ourselves on the awakening floor, all covered in green slime and unplugging the tubes, like some neighborhood Neo waking up into a new reality, a student, a teacher, a sage, a mystic.

Humbleness toward that Near Life Experience: It should be humbling, not self-promoting, nothing to brag about when the school bell rings and all are allowed to play until the next ring, still under the sharp observant eye of some degrading teacher who´s pissed that he took the play time shift and as a result of that, he is just extra mean.

It takes great strength to insist on the playfulness in whatever school of thought.

Somehow, The System just became too obvious and if it hadn’t been that obvious before, I think we have DJ Trump to help set us free of the final illusion that there actually was an alternative. There wasn’t. That was all they had to offer, still blood on the dance floor and it doesn’t look good. And the taste of it is a meal waiting on the kitchen counter already starting to decompose.

And yet ‘We the Weed’ keep on insisting on rising as unpopular plants making it upward to catch the rays of the sun dimmed by high altitude airplanes; insisting on growth, life and realization.

We call ourselves Warriors. We can call ourselves that when we have earned it.

Every one of us who has broken through whatever spell of illusion that the System pulled before our weary eyes, knows that it came with a price. One very cool prize is to feel closer to the concept of God, The Force, The Uni, The Field.

We need to contemplate on the personal suffering in the process of detachment. Did it come with a cost? Status, Finances, Loss of Friends, Loss of Identity, The Points of No Return. Many find out that the Near Life Experience is casting away the old ego that just mirrored what the System demanded or expected of you, whether it was in The Machine of Mundane or the Machine of 2-Cent Spirituality of do’s and don’ts.

We actually noticed the cult-ness: The fear hyping agenda in those dark entities posing as The Light of This World. Untangle it from your soul by pinpointing its control over you. Some branches in Spirituality Dark End ridicule people that have beards. Yes, a minor big thing. “Beards are the hiding place for little nasty ghouls that will eat your soul.” Ohh my, how the razor blades fly from the eyes of the enlightened teacher.

Needless to say – don’t pick it up and shave – you are not a prisoner in some Cambodian Prison Compound, you are in the presence of Dark Spirituality. Insist on your beard, go Santa and walk away, and tend the reindeer.

I mean… the Matrix Control System has nothing on this. In that world they don’t care how you dress and look. So, the fake spiritual world has taken its copy catting of the Matrix to a level where it can only admire the amount of control that people will pay for in order to feel spiritually safe.

Observed from the outside it is so easy to see that it calls for a holler into the ears of the disciples: Are You Kidding Me, why can’t you see the fakeness? Because the ridiculed bearer of the beard is caught up in group dynamics, promises of enlightenment and a touch of specialness and the local guru pinning the prettiest girls out in order to line up for an enlightenment shag.

‘You´re Special – I’ll teach you everything I know’ and the next day I’ll treat you with ignorance and indifference. My magic wand is happy now and on the stray again. Next.

It is a near life experience to break out of that and it is a sign of Warrior Hood – with most people still thinking they are thriving in the system and inside the boxed spirituality stealth woven in a fabric of control. It isn’t easy, and it calls for anger in the aftermath of realization and it calls for bliss when the dust has settled.

Our consciousness can’t expand in fear. Often it goes, as you know, into flight and fight, which in that case seems like a good solution.

You do not make friends here – you make enemies, not because you want to, but you have become a threat. Some countries will arrest you, most fake spiritual branches on the great Tree that promise to reach heaven for you will cast you in ban – so the rest of the tribe can sleep at night. Fear-driven searching souls walking right into the next trap of control.

A terrifying void will open at the tip of your toes and the rest is a question of balance. Being at that tipping point, and I will urge you to go there if you know it’s there, you have one ally only: Your inner voice.

At the sabotaging, daily on the voice of Inner, the Control System sure has stocked its shelves with every chemical compound we can think of, even for infants and beyond. What should be the counterpart to this will set up even more claustrophobic means to control you.

The Vortex point is: That searching for a Near Life Experience will give you Hell on this Earth and that should be enough to stay away from it, but the levees broke some time ago, and the soul’s yearning for light, explanation, purpose cannot be contained anymore – and from the cells of confinement you hear the loud excruciating sound of ‘fellow prisoners’ doing their job, trying to pull you back in, pouring fear and the promise of superficial love in order to re-hook you.

That noise would be the Bank Manager or the suburban Guru with occasional trips to Enlightenment Land.

All is falling and it’s no more a country for old souls.

Dearest Pilgrim: In solitude, we find our Near Life Experience, if we understand that solitude is not even close to the feeling of being isolated or alone in this world.

The souls that have gone through this will find you – or you will find them often by unexpected synchronicity. They might throw in a rope woven in the fabric of Empathy: Empathy cannot be controlling. If it seems it is, then it’s not Empathy. It is Sentimentality: “I cannot leave this or them; they say they can’t go on without me.” Let go. They have to and mostly it’s a drama queen trick.

Empathy takes a stance that is very similar to thoughts of treating alcoholism.

It sounds so cold but it’s the truth: You have somebody drinking themselves out of reason and rhyme. The marriage is gone. The Job is gone. The money is gone and still one has to wait for the drunkard to say: Í want to be sober now, in order to get him sober again – he or she has to reach rock bottom before entering a Near Life Experience.

Question to ask oneself: Which Wine did I get drunk on. Okay. Make me sober, because we will need help and here the systems of control come fishing again. So, Drunk V2.0, until the intoxication isn’t enough to hide the next truth, and here we go again. It’s layers in a very big onion. When we peel an onion – we tend to cry.

The Clarity of the moment of pulling out and detaching, do not ever forget that braveness, the Light we caught a vision of and the promise of freedom of all shackles – mundane or celestial.

Near Life Experiences hit you when you tear off the blindfold they gave you.

Now merging from the bottom of the Abyss, trying for the light – you might have thought that light was on the outside, it also is, but the first thing that will blind you, mess with your senses, is that you now see this world as it is: Yours.

In order to make it ours we need some sort of direction still, since the moments (in plural) because they come likes pearls on a string, and between each pearl there are vast, extended states of confusion.

But it doesn’t have to be despair.

It is the confusion of knowing the Slogan: You are the master of your own life. Confusing because it has to be experienced reality or we wouldn’t know what we are talking about. Many confuse: ‘I Am’ with: I think I am. It has to be a feel. So yes, coming out on the other side: Now I can feel I am.

‘Masters of My Own Life’, following the small treats the System will throw out like: Atta boy, Atta girl, in order to tell you that are special and treasured. No, you’re not: The System of Control only holds its enemy in close in order to monitor your movements. It’s the same with the low frequency spirituality, only, as said, it’s much more refined because you showed up out of spiritual thirst and they certainly seemed out of the Matrix. So they really can’t see themselves. The blind leading the blind… never made sense.

The Near Life Experience is to face the fear of punishment, excommunication and what have we. The Near Life Experience is to finally realize that you are right. You are on track.

That doesn’t  mean that your ‘Right’ is everybody’s ‘Right’. Souls differ. So, we have to take that into account also, but it isn’t a problem since: If we want to have a Real Life Experience, we have to allow others to find theirs.

Guided by the anatomy of what’s in the deepest realms of our souls: Mundane and Spiritual freedom.

Know it by its side products of fear inducing tactics.

Fear, spiritual and mundane: Fear God, The God Force, The Celestial, The NSA, The President, The Police, The Pope, The Priest. Just be so fearful all the time and you´re in a Near Death Experience. I could say we are dead already and facing the Judgment of a fairly perverted and bent legal system and after that we should fear the afterlife. Fear it all.

No. Have faith, and trust and love: For yourself – then your fellow being and we should be good. Come to Life. Both in this life and the Here After. No fear – and that is what you will meet.

Near Life Experiences only happen in the absence of Fear. Maybe that is why fear penetrates everything. If we let it.

Life, knows where it is going, we seldom do – Time we plugged into that knowledge and pulled the courage to dive right in.

© 2017 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission

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