God’s Algorithm

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Author: Chautauqua

(001) Gods Algorithm
There is this kind of time travel experience we've all had now and then; when hearing a certain song brings back a flood of memories from our past. Emotional associations to the soundtrack of our lives do have a habit of letting some memories out for some fresh air; and...

Outdoor Spaces May Offer a Drug-Free Alternative For Dementia Patients

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Author: Lizette Borreli

It comes as no surprise that spending time outside reaps physical and mental health benefits. A stroll in great outdoors has been found to lower our stress and tension, prevent cancer, and even trigger memories for those suffering from mental decline, or dementia. According to a recent study published in...

Animals and Insects That Can Detect Cancer and Disease

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Author: Dr. Becker

You already know that dogs have a sense of smell so powerful, law enforcement relies on them to sniff out drugs and explosives and track missing children. Domestic canines are also used to detect the presence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from all kinds of cancers and other diseases, sometimes...

Rare Supersonic Earthquake Has Shown Up In An Unexpected Place

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Author: Becky Oskin

One of the world's deepest earthquakes was also a rare supersonic quake, upending ideas about where these unusual earthquakes strike. Only six supersonic (or supershear) earthquakes have ever been identified, all in the last 15 years. Until now, they all showed similar features, occurring relatively near the Earth's surface and...