14 Things People Probably Don’t Know About Their Favorite Foods

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Author: April McCarthy

There are hundreds of food industry facts that are sheltered from consumers and only made public by food scientists if absolutely necessary. The following are 14 of the more well known industry insider secrets that have been exposed now for some time, but still not common knowledge to millions of...

‘Soul Contracts’ – Is Freedom Really That Scary?

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Author: Soren Dreier

I'm continuously confronted with this argument from New Agers or people who are supposedly waking up: 'My soul contract says...' or 'My soul contract forbids me this.' The innovative quest and persistence for staying in spiritual control systems is amazing. Have we replaced an earthly law firm entity with some heavenly...

‘Good Kill’: A Searing Indictment of America’s Drone Warfare Obsession

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Author: Marlow Stern

In the past few years, Hollywood, which has long held a mirror to society’s myriad blemishes, began to focus its lens on the United States’ controversial drone program—a battalion of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) issuing targeted missile attacks largely in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Northwest Pakistan. A drone...

The Afterlife – How Consciousness Could Exist in a ‘Cloud’

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Author: Tara MacIsaac

Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot has spent decades contemplating the conundrums of physics, along with the enigma of human consciousness. Hugenot holds a doctorate of science in mechanical engineering, and has had a successful career in marine engineering, serving on committees that write the ship-building standards for the United States. “I...

‘Last Supper’ Papyrus May Be One of Oldest Christian Charms

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Author: Jeanna Bryner

A 1,500-year-old fragment of Greek papyrus with writing that refers to the biblical Last Supper and "manna from heaven" may be one of the oldest Christian amulets, say researchers. The fragment was likely folded up and worn inside a locket or pendant as a sort of protective charm, according to...