Skyfire – A Dance Of Giants

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Uden navn
Wild footage at actual speed of the Fire tornado event recorded on September 11 2012 near Mt. Conner Australia (details below) © Chris Tangey 2012 When this "fire tornado" event was recorded, Cameraman Chris Tangey used both 1080i normal speed and 720P slow motion, changing between them several times over...

Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse and Solar ‘Ring of Fire’

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Author: WorldtruthTV

The Blood Moons most people are asking about are not part of astronomy. Their origin is religious, at least according to Christian pastor John Hagee, who wrote a 2013 book about Blood Moons. However, both astronomers and Christians are talking about the upcoming lunartetrad – a series of total lunar eclipses – which begins...

Away With the Fairies?

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Author: Jill Reilly

Uden navn
A university lecturer is claiming to have photographed fairies flying through the air in the British countryside. John Hyatt, 53, says his series of photos which were taken over the past two years prove the tiny winged creatures do exist in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. Mr Hyatt, Director of Manchester...

This is What Happens When a “UFO” is Tracked on Military Radar

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Author: Collective Evolution

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are grabbing the attention of more people everyday, and for good reason. Obviously, if there are unknown objects in the sky, military/defence organizations will see them on radar, along with other organizations that monitor air traffic, like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This happens on a...

Targeting Breasts

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Author: Ida Lawrence

I remember my grandmother’s breasts: Grandma Ida, sitting in the big chair by the window, holding my newborn, firstborn son. He was sleeping in her arms, and her arms were resting on breasts that seemed to reach even below her waist. Grandma didn’t want me to come and take my...

Is the Quest for the Holy Grail Over?

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Author: Christopher Klein

For centuries, the quest for the elusive Holy Grail has consumed Crusaders and archaeologists, inspired Arthurian legends and Hollywood blockbusters and sparked both the pen of Alfred Lord Tennyson and the comedy of Monty Python. Now, a pair of historians claim they have discovered the sacred relic inside a Spanish...

Almost A Quarter Of Europe’s Vital Bumblebees Now Face Extinction

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Author: Alister Doyle

Almost a quarter of Europe's bumblebees are at risk of extinction due to loss of habitats and climate change, threatening pollination of crops worth billions of dollars, a study showed on Wednesday. Sixteen of 68 bumblebee species in Europe are at risk, the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said....

April Astrology: The Power of the Sacred Four

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Author: Molly Hall

Many are on the edge of their seats, wondering what April will bring. Notably, there's a grand cross around April 23rd, with all four cardinal corners juiced up. There's the next exact Uranus-Pluto square on April 21st. And this is a point of intensifying squeeze or crash in the ongoing breakdown -- and rebirth...

The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains

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Author: James Hamblin

Forty-one million IQ points. That’s what Dr. David Bellinger determined Americans have collectively forfeited as a result of exposure to lead, mercury, and organophosphate pesticides. In a 2012 paper published by the National Institutes of Health, Bellinger, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, compared intelligence quotients among children...