Discovery of Pyramid-Shaped Tomb in Japan adds to Mystery in Asuka

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Author: Ancient Origins

Archaeologists in Japan have discovered that a large mound in the village of Asuka in Nara Prefecture contains a pyramid-shaped tomb underneath, according to a news release in the Japan Times. While work at the site is ongoing, the tomb has preliminarily been dated to the latter half of the...

Drinking California Dry

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Author: Janissa Delzo

Bottled-water drinkers, we have a problem: There's a good chance that your water comes from California, a state experiencing the third-driest year on record. The details of where and how bottling companies get their water are often quite murky, but generally speaking, bottled water falls into two categories. The first is...

Kissing the Corpses in Ebola Country

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Author: Abby Haglage

Ebola victims are most infectious right after death—which means that West African burial practices, where families touch the bodies, are spreading the disease like wildfire. From 8 a.m. to midnight, wearing three pairs of gloves, the young men of Sierra Leone bury Ebola casualities. An activity that’s earned the Red...

What Dentists Can Tell About Your Health Just By Looking In Your Mouth

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Author: Kevin Loria

When dentists poke around inside your mouth while simultaneously asking you questions about how often you floss, it's not just cavities they are looking for — and there's a lot more than tooth decay that they can see. The health of your mouth, particularly your gums, has major implications for...

Womanhood Revisited

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Author: Ida Lawrence

Sometimes we don’t really know how the collective human experience has affected our lives until something hits a mark, and we respond emotionally. The angry don’t know they’re angry, the stressed don’t know they’re stressed, the fearful don’t know they’re fearful, the resentful don’t know they’re resentful. It can be...

Lucid Dreamers Show Greater Insight In Waking Life

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Author: University of Lincoln

People who are aware they are asleep when they are dreaming have better than average problem-solving abilities, new research has discovered. Credit: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia Experts from the University of Lincoln, UK, say that those who experience 'lucid dreaming' -- a phenomena where someone who is asleep can...