Pilgrims of a Newer World

We have a strong desire to go home… whatever home is. Let’s call it a longing for wholeness. An ever-increasing community of souls, of which we are a part, is intentionally gaining awareness of what may have been hidden. Our return signals a new way of being that is authentic – compassionate, passionate and truthful. There will come a day when all people will see the light of Divinity within themselves, and they will be what they see, and love what they are – endlessly.

Heart communication. It’s an uncovering that approaches like the sunrise… ever increasing. To open up and let ourselves be loved is part of this conversation – to love and be loved. Just the thought of actually being loved could bring tears to our eyes, and behind those tears a flood of loneliness and grief… for separation comes with the visceral experience of judgment.

Born into the ‘out of balance’ world where judgment abounds and innocence is betrayed, we are returning as part of a shift in human consciousness. Millions are going within on some level. We speak of it as a journey, and it does feel like one: uncovering our inner world, our true selves, doing self-awareness and self-healing work, meditating, making efforts to change engrained thoughts, feelings, reactions and so on.

Within the past year I’ve reached a new awareness that is beginning to be real for me: the heart, the body, the mind in loving relationship and two-way conversation. End the war within, come into agreement and balance, listen and hear; the conversation is what can make us whole.

This change is taking place alongside global turmoil and exposure of hidden corruption, and that is as it should be. Everything uncovers. As we look into the hidden parts of a sick and dying world, we see innocence destroyed wherever we look. It’s okay to stay away – only look if you can do so without being pulled in. They can’t hold up to the exposure that is coming.

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June 2017
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