Getting The Platform Influx?

Seems like the sweet souls in Morph City are getting both shaken and stirred at the present.

The platform experience:

A pattern seems to be clearer and clearer to me.
Lot of folks I’m engaging in are coming in on the “wake-up express” and entering the platform, only to find out that the train they thought they would be entering, hasn’t shown up yet.

It will.

But first we got to manage being on the platform. That is where the directional influx is! Until that is fully absorbed, we might find out that the train we thought we were supposed to get on, really wasn’t a new direction but the old express heading back to worn out emotional patterns, belief systems, comfort zone thinking and what have we.

The directional influx and the ability to “read” it are very much tied in with: Attitude.

Like in real life on a physical level waiting for the train to come:

Impatience won’t bring the train closer. Feeling of solitude, same. Feeling the lack of love, same. Feeling of lost horizons for our compass in life, same.

Maybe use the platform experience to prepare the ride.


Are we done with old emotional worn out patterns, as goes for the clinging to the physical aspects in our lives? Anything in need of letting go?
The platform could be a good place to do that. Strip it down to the bare naked.
No more fancy masks, no more fancy emotional outfits, and no more fancy emotional clever talk.
Time to approach the core within us. No more emperors’ new clothes.

Are we done with old physical attachments? Matrix commodities. Are we done with: Cold comfort from change?

Maybe reset the spiritual or intellectual software down to: I really don’t know much now, and I’m quite cool with that. We got to empty the cup in order to fill it up again.

It seems to be reset time. And it’s coming in hard.

I’m afraid that if we don’t do this we will not catch the influx. Because we are plugged in to prefabricated belief systems of worn out teachings on many levels.
Time to reset and maybe find, that there still are some heart people coordinates worth attention and evolvement.

“Love the love”, is in the influx.

“Let go and love the love” is in the influx.


The Ghoul Gestalt Effect:

I see that many really don’t take responsibility for their own psychology so to speak. They blame every little “low frequency thought” with: “I was manipulated by Ghouls.”
Hey, take ownership, it’s not ghouls by any means, it is: You.

I might buy into that argument if your emotional and spiritual software is as clean as new fallen snow, is it?
We wont solve anything within with the outside blame game.
That’s the mechanics of bipolarness to be honest: “The voices I hear are not in my head they are coming from the radio.” It´s understandable since it’s a coping mechanism for the severely suffering.

My advice if you want it: Don’t go there…..


“But I’m so honest, adorable and sweet. I only want what’s best for you.”
C´mon. Are you?

Nasty mechanics don’t fall for it.

There’s a lot of noise on the platform trying to take you down to prevent you from reading and feeling the influx.

The influx I’m picking up is:

Don’t take anything in this world personal right now.


Love the Love. And set people you love free, at a very deep level. The ones still being here in the flesh and the departed. Reset.

The influx will show us many things right now.
Low frequency people sneaking in at a very subtle level, maybe distracting your heart, mind or soul for a while. If you encounter that – disconnect and do it good.

It’s a snakes whispering, pull its teeth out by the roots and listen for the influx. There is a scent of love to a snake’s whisperings, whether it is in the physical, emotional or spiritual it’s playing its mind-bending games.

These are some of the real 3D ghoul fights right now.

So being at the platform is high frequency versus low frequency fight time.

There’s a reason why most platforms are full of clever con artist artists and sleazy sales persons, trick thieves and sub-human low life.

It’s a pretty vulnerable set up. I get that.

Love the Love, and we should be safe for the ride.

Hear the whistle….?

© 2013 Soren Dreier