Protection from Entities

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Author: Stuart Wilde


The entities that plague this human evolution are normally invisible to the naked eye; they are beings in the etheric that feed off humans. They include what we know as UFOs, which I have said elsewhere are not solid, they are etheric beings. But the UFO is only one shape-shift, there are many more.

Some entities are like big black spiders the size of your hand with your fingers stretched out that latch onto your chest.
Others are like small orange-golden blobs about the size of a pea. They come up from below you, as do the UFOs, which are also pea-sized and in the etheric. Then there are beings that are a lot bigger. I saw one that was over two hundred-foot high. They are all in the morph.

What we call the ‘morph’ is an energy shift in the etheric that makes it much more visible.
That’s how we first saw the entities. When the morph shifts the energy of a place, like say a room, it becomes permeated with fast moving, hazy lines. Sometimes the morph looks like rain; of course it is dry rain.

The etheric is normally faint and hard to see. Only people that are quite sensitive can usually see it. But in the morph the etheric becomes very clear, so almost anyone can see it. This is because normally one’s line of sight goes right through the etheric without realizing it is there. The hazy lines and swirls of the soup-like morph light up the etheric, which gives you a backdrop with which to focus your eye. In a way you could say the morph is thick etheric.

The morph is full of immense activity. You’ll see blobs of faint light that drift up toward the ceiling, and there are vortexes that usually drift down from the ceiling in curved trajectories. All manner of shapes and symbols are moving back and forth and they are easily visible. In certain very strong morph circumstances you’ll see the UFOs in the sky, lots of them.

The morph is a transdimensional overlay that seems to be dropping on our world; it hasn’t been around before. A lot of people have seen it and more and more are seeing it with every day that passes. Often the morph will give you the appearance that the solidity around you is changing; solid walls and floors go soapy looking. You get the impression you can walk through it. Suddenly our dimension has taken on a transparency that we have never seen before. It also creates new sensations in your etheric that you can quite easily feel; you start to see things you never knew where there.

t was a shock to realize how ghoul infested our planet is. There are transdimensional entities everywhere. It was in the morph that we first saw the little orange-gold blob-like entities. Don’t be confused by the word ‘golden’ as there is nothing precious or spiritual about this lot; they are mean.

We knew they were there as we could feel them, but suddenly we could see them. They fly in what seems to us like slow motion. The entities people call UFOs are also part of the orange blobs that fly ‘round your waist. You see them in the sky, but the sky is you in a transdimensional sense. So while they appear to be above you, they are in effect, close to you in your etheric.

These are the entities that are demonic. They will try to latch on to you and feed off your life force. The more sophisticated ones can feed you ideas and talk to your mind. They are sneaky and demonic and very crafty. The Grays, Reptilians, Nordics and so forth are part of the types that can transfer thoughts. I’ve seen quite a few Grays in my bedroom and other places over the years. They aren’t rare, and I’ve seen one reptilian. It was very scary and cruel. I’ve never seen a Nordic.

To recapitulate, the flying orange blobs are shape-shifters. I think they can take on many forms and the saucer-shape UFO is just one of their identities. Then there may be amongst the flying blobs many other demonic identities that are not UFOs as we know them. But whatever the case, the blobs are intelligent and they are mean and seek to harm you. Somehow on our journey we crossed the dimension they inhabit and suddenly they were all around us, here in 3-D.

At times, we came under virulent entity attack from the blobs and fifty to a hundred would come at us all at once. They would come up from behind us and below us. We’d be surrounded. We’d fight. One battle in Italy lasted three nights and three days. We didn’t sleep. Sometimes we’d knock them down and other times they would get through. When they get through they sting. It really hurts; some days we’d get stung 20-30 times.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you can’t usually see the entities with the naked eye. When the morph drops in you will see them as clear as day. Trust me. The first time I looked up and saw 50-60 different things flying in the sky above me I was shocked.

There were saucer-shaped UFOs, brown blobs about three-feet wide that seemed to move very fast, cylinders that looked like flying oil barrels, and large ball-shaped entities that seemed to move quite slowly. This world is surrounded by a non-solid reality in which dwells vast numbers of intelligent entities who don’t have our best interests at heart. That is not so unusual to comprehend as there are a lot of humans that don’t have our best interests at heart.

Of course in those early days, I didn’t know that what I was looking at in the sky above me, was in fact in the etheric field, low down behind me. But there are other beings that can shape shift that seem to be above us, and then again they may be like the orange blob entities, close to the ground around us.

In Bavaria, in October 2001, I watched an entity that was roughly the shape of a soccer ball hovering, that to my view was above a clump of fir trees. It was morphing at high speed. As I started to watch it, the entity came slowly down the edge of the outside trees. Then it approached me in a curved trajectory covering the 60 or so yards between us, quite slowly. As it got to about 30 yards from me, at an elevation of 30–40 feet, it morphed into a saucer-shaped UFO. It was trying to be menacing, so I dropped my trousers and mooned it from the balcony I was on and I returned indoors—true story. The ghouls and entities in the morph try to play on your fears. The best protection is to give them as little attention as possible or ridicule them. They are like the schoolyard bully, one decent whack on the nose and they usually retreat.

The ghouls and the entities belong to a cold, lifeless world. Remember, I’ve said before the Bible is wrong in that it has heaven and hell ‘round the wrong way: hell is not hot, it’s cold. Heaven is warm, so ghouls naturally seek out the hotter end of the electromagnetic and light spectrum.

They never made such an insidious headway as they have in recent decades, until our countries were extensively electrified. The ghouls follow electric pylons and microwave towers used by mobile phone companies. I always knew microwave ovens were spooky, but I didn’t know why.

The ghouls use the heat to power and propel themselves along; electricity and microwaves are free energy supplies to the ghouls.

Stuart Wilde

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