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QuickLines – April 29

Orange Essential Oil May Ease PTSD Symptoms

This Couple Filmed the Everest Avalanche Coming at Them

7 things that make mosquitoes bite you more

Medical Marijuana Could Save Medicaid $1 Billion

The murder that shocked Germany

Americans Support The Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else

When the CIA Made ‘Pseudo-Marijuana’

Animals Rule Chernobyl

A Long Look at the Effects of the Chernobyl Disaster

Large number of humpback whales died mysteriously near Maine

This Is What Americans Spent The Most Money On In The First Quarter

Mind hacking: Scientists want new laws

Roberts – Only Marine Le Pen Represents France

Israel Provides Air Support for Syrian Jihadists

Still Confused About Trump’s 1-Page Tax Plan? Goldman Explains It All

Have We Just Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity?

Canada’s Housing Bubble Explodes

Innocent People Have Been Sentenced to Death in Oklahoma

Campuses Turn Against Free Speech

Engineering the Perfect Astronaut

The next era of drones

Why People Are Smuggling Butter Into Wisconsin

America’s “$1 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Plan”

NASA’s Spacesuits Are Falling Apart

The Women Warriors of the Russian Revolution

Doctors Strangled by Bureaucracy

Musk’s Plan to Save Humanity from the AI Apocalypse

The Quantified Presidency

The Man Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance

Supreme Court May Limit Where Companies Can Be Sued

The Coal Mining Massacre America Forgot

Critical Thinking: A Bridge to the Future

How America’s Secret Nuke Police Hunted For Dirty Bombs in the 1970s

How to Tell If a Riot Is About to Erupt in Your City

The Forgotten American Missionaries of Pyongyang


Will Trump Deliver Deep State’s World War?

Trump Comes In From the Cold – Gets Media and Political Respect

U.S. Air Force Wants Better Tech To Detect North Korea Missile Threats

Sessions Vows ‘New Era’ in Border Security

Return to Fukushima: Eerie pictures 

The Fed Is Once Again Making A Policy Error

Harvard Researchers Are Preparing to Geoengineer the Atmosphere

Why California’s drought-to-deluge cycle is getting worse

Oregon Moves To Shield Weed Users’ Data From Federal Agents

Two Critical Factors In French Election

The Long and Painful Decline of the Retail Store

Securing Driverless Cars From Hackers Is Hard

Never-Before-Seen Close-up Views of Volcanic Eruptions

The monster ships that changed how we travel

Project HARP Space Gun

Wilderness Safety Tips for Women

Physicists have discovered a force of ‘nothingness’

United Loses $800 Million in Value After Passenger Dragged Off Plane

The Environmental Price of Dams

How Colleges Use Big Data to Target the Students They Want

Earth Is Spewing Up the Deepest Traces of Life 

Bright fireball over San Diego

The Battle Between Man and Machine


This graphic showing what’s actually inside Nutella

Aliens, Native Americans, Pot & Mental Health

Roberts – The Trump Presidency: RIP

North Korea: Macbeth with Nukes

Paris: Tourists Warned to Stay Away as Nonwhite Mobs Attack

Why So Many Families Are Feeling Extreme Financial Stress

Watch 104 Satellites Fire Out of a Rocket In Record-Setting Space Mission

Hallucinations Are Very Common

Severe floods hit Saudi Arabia

Prepping Supplies: The Medical Bag

Play Paul Simon’s Piano or Croon Into Elvis’ Mic


The Slightly Strange History Behind Fingernail Clipping

DEA Finally Removes Misinformation about Pot from Website

Fears Remain After Evacuation Lifted for 200K Californians

An heiress wanted her Palm Beach villa to become a winter White House

Getting Rich Off Left-Wing Activism

The Macedonian Teens Who Mastered Fake News

An Obscure Fault in Southern California is More Dangerous Than We Thought

Student Being Investigated For Giving Free Haircuts to the Homeless


WTF: Greece Plans to Hire Rothschild as Debt Adviser

Australia is failing on Indigenous disadvantage goals

Villages of the Dam: Homes and businesses beneath California’s crumbling Oroville Dam lie abandoned underwater – as it’s revealed officials were warned about the structure 12 years ago

Not a single Arab dictator has called out Donald Trump so far

Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Opens New Chapter of Indian-Federal Conflict

Sweden Builds Camel Park to Help Integrate Migrants


Californians Open Homes To Neighbors Fleeing Floods

Workers Scramble To Plug Oroville Dam Hole Using Rocks, Sandbags

What is osteoarthritis

There Are Over 200 Bodies on Mount Everest

The History and Science Behind Your Terrible Breath

Finding the pattern in all matter

Schools around the US are finally pushing back their start times

Peppertree Disarms Most Dangerous Bacteria

World Press Photo Contest 2017 – winning pictures


‘Beat the Buddha’

The Beauty Of Budapest

Devastating floods hit western US

Training Your Children for Self Sustainability

9 Megalomaniacal Facts About Narcissism

Why the flow of time is not an illusion

Austin cops taser man for dancing at bus stop

More Whales Strand in New Zealand Total: 650

Aussies ‘melting’ as record-breaking summer heatwave continues

How to Tell If It’s a Cold or the Flu

Merkel ‘hoping to bring in 12 MILLION migrants

Britain CAN quit EU without a Brexit withdrawal agreement

Biblical plague of locusts  in Bolivia

Turning Dragonflies Into Drones

The Tangled History of Big Bang Science

Argentina’s Most Bad-Ass Drug Boss 

Unexploded WW2 bomb prompts huge Thessaloniki evacuation

Why Boys Are 5 Times More Likely to Develop Autism?

Robo-Bees Could Aid Insects with Pollination Duties

NASA Plans to Drill Into Europa’s Crust In Search of Life

The Toxic Hellhole That Is Venus


Hundreds of whales die in mass stranding on New Zealand beach

Chemicals are in everything we eat

Final Construction Begins on Dakota Access Pipeline

How Scientists Collected a Piece of the Sun

Invading pythons and the weird, uncertain future of the Florida Everglades

These designs in the Amazon rainforest were created 2,000 years ago

Cannabis Exerts Powerful Neuroprotective Effects And May Soon Be Used In Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies

Beijing Warns Against War with the US. “Disastrous Losses to Both Sides”

The Mysterious 98%: Scientists Look to Shine Light on Our Dark Genome

Channelling Trump “Down Under”

Overcome Your Anxiety By Having An “Anxious Routine”

Mapping Countries That Censor the Internet

A Strange Green Comet Is Heading Our Way


“In 26 Years, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This” 

Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

Could Britain Become the New Singapore?

U.S. Soldiers’ Secret Hunt for Jihadists in a Kenyan Forest

The Roman Economy Was A Powerhouse

Planned Parenthood Workers That Reached Abortion Sales Quota Goals Were Rewarded With Pizza Parties

Dozens Injured in Tornadoes Across Southern Louisiana

Time to Panic in Australia

Researchers add a splash of human intuition to planning algorithms

Practical Bug Out Reloading

Mount Kilauea Is Putting On Quite The Show

How To Stop Your Smart TV From Spying on You

Inside Stalin’s holiday home

Man’s Pacemaker Used to Track and Charge Him with Crime


Six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out life on Earth

The Apollo Astronaut Who Was Allergic to the Moon

The worst countries in the world when it comes to air pollution

Ancient Tomb of Chinese General Filled with Figurines

Historic February snowstorm hits British Columbia

10 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Drinking Water

Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More

U.S. Preps for Infowar on Russia

U.S Army’s “Future Combat System” 

Pentagon is close to developing flying robots that self-destruct

Exercise Is Not The Key To Weight Control

Scientists Look to Shine Light on Our Dark Genome

A Rattlesnake in a Toilet, and Then Some

Why a Super Bowl Ad Is the Smartest Way to Waste $5 Million

36 Australian Beaches Unsafe for Swimming Due to Human Shit

What Keeps Elon Musk Up At Night?

Marijuana Science Comes to College

Before Amazon, We Had Bookmobiles

Significant storm system affecting northwestern US

You’re probably showering way too often


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