Romancing The Void

Voids – We seem so afraid of them and yet I encounter, working with people, that more and more are diving in, willingly and consciously or being forced by the matrix.

That being Voids of:

– I don’t attach any more like I used to.

No, the Matrix is hollow so attachment would not be a very good strategy, so why go back.

– I need to change location

Yes, you got that faraway look in your eyes. Just remember moving won’t solve anything – the burden basket is still there, but a change of scenery can change all senses and thereby the way the mind works and take the load off.

– I need to change emotional location.

Just do it. Walk away – Go where love reigns. Love the Love and go behind the reason to love.

– I cannot plug in to these people anymore.

No, you have moved on. And they also see that faraway look anyway and know that your eyes might be blue, but nobody’s home so no more emotional BS.

– I hate my job and so on….

It obviously all has to do with emotions……

The quality of the Void is, that it doesn’t really hold emotions. That is somehow the benefit of the Void. And yet, we often don’t see that because there are mainly two perspectives of the Void.

The ‘forced’ Void can be scary and we often meet that by loss. Either in our love life, friends that get the faraway look, loss of job/identity or whatever is thrown our way.

If it is that way, we seem very geared and the matrix is very much encouraging this, to substitute or fill the emptiness of the Void with some kind of abuse: pills, drugs, people….And that is apparently what is riding the citizens in Morph City like a nightmare.

It is really not that hard to figure out that the matrix likes its own construct of the void, since it leaves people in a victimized state of mind. So easy to manipulate. So easily controllable, pharmaceutical lab rats….Sad.

The conscious void is quite different to perceive.

My take on it is, that if we in some way or another have dealt with working a bit with ourselves and actually discovered the matrix that we can use the Void to our benefit.

We seek it in the wee wee hours, going to sleep. Some seek it in meditation. Some sit in nature with the look of detachment in their eyes, we seem to have ‘fall outs’ during the day coming back thinking, ‘oops where was I’.
We really seek the Void if we’re into dissolving the Ego and understanding ourselves at a deeper level.

Many spirituality engaged people will know this equation:

Ego taken down will open the Void, because detachment withers and that being the detachment of emotions that no longer have any validation seen from the inner perspective.

There is a very profound learning process in: there are emotions, and there are emotions/emotions. The last being defined as low vibrational emotions of the ego now getting overshined by the higher emotions of ‘self’.

That process will create a Void. And we have to be very careful that it is not one step forward and two steps back, because the emptiness of the Void seems to be so intimidatingly frightful.

An experienced perception of this:
Yes, the Void is a bit scary and it is since if we embrace it: A lot of old stuff in us has to die. That could be a relationship, a work situation, a detachment to a worn out belief system and further down that road.

Well, one thing we know eh?
We came from that Void and will return to that Void.

There are false Voids and many get sucked in to them by their self-obsedded naval digging in the mainstream of less constructive self-development business, that really supports: We are children of a lesser God – I’m talking Matrix-Therapy here.
So instead of approaching the big void they self-obsess their life away. A bit silly.

The Matrix-Therapy business doesn’t understand the Void, will never understand the Void and have no interest in telling you what so ever if they knew. It would knock them out of business.

I know people who have been in therapy for 15 years – c’mon. The matrix does not want its ‘food’ supply to detach.

Advice: ‘Snap out of it – take responsibility– get a life’. Before the big void hits you, it always does.

It’s a low frequency shit and shinola and flies are gathering where there should be hummingbirds seeking the sweet nectar of life.

The conscious void is right there and having no fear of it will create a change of perception and then: Just dive in, and it becomes conscious. An embracing friend.

Conscious Emptiness and Boy, is that emptiness full.

It is filled with the power of observation.

It is filled with the power of ‘The God Force’ since that force is stealth and only can be perceived in the void.

The mind seems to have to outposts: Danger or Vacation.

The Matrix being very keen on providing Danger, since the fear filled mind won’t perceive anything slightly transcendent in this world. The mind cannot go ‘out-side’ itself while being on high alert.

When we consciously approach the Void the mind goes in ‘Vacation’ mode although a lot of things actually happen. They usually do on vacations. We perceive – but observingly perceive – that is the beauty of the void. We align to the quantum field of 99.999 percent emptiness and we align with the stealth God force.

And we see without attachment and not being attached with the outcome, since trying to figure the outcome of being in the Void is quite a contradiction. Thoughts are not present in the void; they unfold after the void and that is quite an important Void hallmark.

The void is a feel. A very powerful subtle feel.

Einstein seemed familiar with the Void.
He had a technique. He would introduce a problem to his mind like: Does the universe curve at its edge? Then he went about his daily business, tended his garden, and engaged in daily life knowing that at some point the answer to his question would pop-up in his mind.

Basically he took his question to the Void and the Void provided. As it always does, if we do not fear it. Either on a philosophical or emotional level.

The Void also containing the intuitive knowledge we all have embedded within us.

Let’s get that adventurous spirit back we once had and conquer the void again.

The powers that be made it an enemy.

It is our eternal friend. Star-seeds we are and always will be, no matter what we’re struggling with in our private lives: It’s not real, but it sure can feel that way.

We are so much greater than that.

Come to freedom and return to softness.

©  2015 Soren Dreier

June 2017
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