Sometimes We Cry – Sometimes We Won’t

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Author: Soren Dreier


Zen posted a perfectly healthy article the other day.

The expected happened: About 23 mails stating: “Why do you post that? I didn’t expect to find words like that on your site. Goodbye.”

Yes: Goodbye.

Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we get angry.

Mostly: We love.

The Matrix strikes a chord – we reach critical mass and have had it.

We reach out and in that reaching, that thriving to somehow bring the celestial blueprint to Morph City, the tentacles of the Matrix come with a tackle that holds our arms in gridlock and we: React.

The despair in knowing that when we know we know, and the daily abuses by the Control System frictions reach critical mass, and we: Let out.

The blueprint being that mostly everything in the Matrix, the Media and so on, really have leveled our emotional embodiment into something that along the way have become a state of: Don’t ever express emotions that exist outside the middle ground, or else: You´re on a rant or ready for a prescription, or: Please get in line for some matrix-pseudo-psychoanalysis and be: Leveled out.

Everybody comfy, now. Good. La-di-frikking-dah.

Anger can be a very healing emotion seen from a higher perspective. Emotions are most often a two-sided coin. When a heart-person lets it out, it comes from a higher perspective and can transform the status quo, certainly on the inside of the soul expressing it and hopefully transform in a collective way in a high impact reach out.

I don’t address my friends as his or her holiness. I wouldn’t put them in that position. We are living it out here on the Gaia 3D scale and frankly: Who are we to maneuver others into that very uninspiring middle of the road fake tranquility? Most of my friends are cute little buggers, by the way and they like to stray….

The tranquility in being us lies apparently more and more buried in the fact that we are not afraid to express ourselves on the account that somebody might get offended by specific oppinions or actions. That very offendedness being far more ego based: Uh I´m offended, my fragile little French nervous system can’t handle such darkness. No offence to the French.

Okay your nervous system can’t handle a little linguistic rock ‘n roll. Interesting.

If you spot it you got it: Return to sender. Cool, eh?

Being here I think we have to step out of that getting offended programming. Pretty neat design by the way. The Matrix abuses people every day on such a profound scale. That’s OK? And you finding time to be offended by inappropriate words!!!!! Really. How’s about a proportional check?

If we ever put each other in any form of physical, intellectual or emotional straitjacket we certainly are being good obedient servants of the matrix.

I don’t think that the road to freedom, also by expressing what we think and feel, really isn’t very pretty.

Its full of: nasty, holy, snot, blood, blessings, celestial and sulfur.

If you don’t dig that, don’t set out.

Or stand by your highly charged rambunctious soul and set out and strike the chords you need to strike and your right to express your bleeding heart.

If you never have, maybe the time has come?

©2013 Soren Dreier / Full repost with permission.

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