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Strange Time Warps Hitting Nomad County

Seems like 3D can’t keep up with 4D, 5D and so on.

Maybe you have noticed that: A strange sensation of feeling unplugged into the horizontal and the antennas we have to the vertical slightly bend and are not receiving that well. Morphing into a watered-out sense of synchronicity that really didn’t care if it synced with the past or the future, but not so much the present.

People losing sight of purpose and of passion and that would be sensitive people, heart based people, the Nomad souls, feeling overrun by some strange state of mind. Shows out that since it started, the Milky Way is going through a void at 2 Million Km/h  A void that astrophysics didn’t know was there. But, we sensed it didn’t we.

The reason we sensed something fishy going on in the Universe is solely because we try to have the vertical connection and we had to move a bit around, and still do, in order to position ourselves right in the balance we have between our souls, higher self and the operational ‘whatever is left of the Ego’ to get us around in daily life.

Some waiting for a little gravity to show up so the feeling of having one’s feet back on the ground would be a blessing.

If they think or feel that the Milky Way’s little road trip here doesn’t impact us – they are welcome. But, the ones I have talked with have had the same with the concept of time, which best can be described as: What is going on here? We´re in July? New Year’s Eve was yesterday and next week I’d better do my Christmas shopping or it’s too late?

I will not as usual go into the fancier theoretical stuff since I like grounded experiences, but we have to understand that time is an illusion. And a vertical reality. That’s why I wrote in the start of the year about the way to deal with 2017 was trying to get very practical, use willpower and push it through, whatever you would like to manifest. That still stands, but boy has it been hard for all. But it’s lifting now, time as we perceive it in 3D is settling now.

On a side note:

While this has been going on the really Earth chained souls, the predators, have had it smooth. It´s getting nastier and nastier out there every day, and in this limbo they could thrive. And it’s about to stop. The freedom loving spiritually engaged are waking up from that time warp amnesia and finding out they actually got reinforced and charged behind the veil of confusion. So, the powers that be should be shitting little green piggy’s as goes for the rest of 2017, because a mighty force is ready again to stand up and take no shit.

Back to the experience:

What I hear and feel from the people I work with is, that their minds weren’t as disciplined as they thought. Nothing wrong with that – all is evolution.

People have been thrown back in time in a blink, to childhood memories, to choices as in life-altering choices and being able to see why they took them. Some say that they also lived through the choice they didn’t make and have been able to see that path in their life that they didn’t take. That caught some regrets that it took some months to get past or they had a firm belief in they made the right choices way back when.

One could argue that we don’t make the wrong choices, but that’s like 80 percent drunken new age and the rest is a way to bypass the fear and regret of bad decision making.

I would rather say, there is no such thing as bad decision making. We took the choices that we took because it seemed like the best option. And hey, we´re here to learn and we stray and it’s cool. If we knew it all no reason to come to Morph City and go on the routine of complete inner safety, it just has too many perils, and we are free to pretend that it isn’t so, so all is good. People really need to loosen up and don’t treat themselves as their own worst enemy. I´m sure others can do that as well as oneself but they can never do it better. So maybe stop that.

Had that: What… it’s already midafternoon? But I just got up, at 6.

Had that: Listen Bro, I used to smoke one joint before bedtime, now I need 2? (Basically, that goes for any kind of stimulants).

Such things are not entirely 3D as you might know, they go cross dimensions so if one lights up a joint or goes on funny mushrooms, the effect is on a wild ride a bit ahead of the physical and it will not impact as usual, because of the differences in dimensional speed.

We still have these four vehicles integrated in us: The physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual and on the long path towards awake or enlightenment, the physical obviously is the densest; the others were sort of engaged in this cosmic roller coaster ride. That would be the reason.

That is why I can say that it’s settling now, its slowing down and we are bringing the synergy and the synchronicity back that makes us feel collected again.

The very cool thing is, that if we listen to our emotional and spiritual body, which really shouldn’t be divided but for many they still are, they have collected great insights there ahead of us.

Once the emotional and spiritual bodies inside us are one, we are in a meaningful spirituality and not in a spiritual framework of something we just copied, because we thought that sounded cool.

As we know: Don’t talk the talk if you’re not taking the walk.

The experience was needed. We needed that ‘Cosmic Upgrade’ in order to get us rattled out of our comfort zones, and if we listen now to that profound inner celestial voice we have inside it will show us the way. No strays no more. Not bewildered anymore. No shifting between what we see as our future and our present in one blink and of a non-existing second to reviewing our past in the next time split.

Feet on the ground again, head and heart in the heavens and onwards we go.

We will prevail.

Open the gates to the new Dawn.

© 2017 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission

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