Tales From The Morph II

The ‘Sky People’, ‘Hybrid People´ and Benny the Rat.

Going into the Morph, I came upon beings that I had not seen before. The first layer in the Morph as I see it, can also be called the Aluna.

Recently I was interviewed for a radio show by Ryan McCormick. He is a very sweet man and was the press agent and publisher for Stuart.

I think he asked some good questions about the Morph and the future to be. We touched upon the difference between the Morph and the Aluna. Often I see differences as merely intellectual differences and not so much practical. As soon as the interview is up, I will post it.

He also asked me about the Shift – when will we prevail into the age of dignity. I think it will be in 2025. Which makes sense, since there obviously has to be a critical mass for the Control System to bring it down. I still have my 50 cents on the sun.

They need their final war and in the Morph they are already down, so we will have to wait and keep on until it impacts.

The ‘Sky People’ are new to me.
They are in a ‘physical’ body in the Morph, which means in Morphic: That they are easily spotted. They started appearing on the first of July. They are playful beings and very beautiful and elegant and they fly.

Later in July I started seeing them in the skies and it got me quite amazed, so I had to find out why they suddenly appeared here in 3D but as etheric beings. I see them playing in the clouds and when the sky is clear they usually disappear. I guess clouds are good hiding places.

First I thought it was an angelic apparition, but they are not tied in with the realm of the angels. They are more deva-like.

It was explained to me in a vision why they appeared:

They basically hover the skies as a clean up crew absorbing the layer of either chemtrails or toxicity and then they die. So they make a great sacrifice. It has me wondering if Gaia has called for assistance from these realms. I will try to investigate that.

I hope that more of these celestial gentle troopers will help with the oceans soon, since Dolphins and Tuna are floating Mercury depots at this time. Since both are at top of the food chain, it is really sad to know that what they live on is even more toxic.

I also came across the ‘Hybrid People’; they are very tied in with Gaia, since in the Aluna they mirror our higher self. They are the merger or manifestation between you and your spirit animal.

So basically you can be seen in the Aluna manifesting as a Panther or whichever animal is your protective spirit. The people I guided through the Ruby Road meditations often see or are met by an entity from the animal realm in the Aluna, who will follow them further into the Morph.

I have known that for quite some time, obviously as many have, that we have these totems or power animals as our protectors. What is new to many, is that they actually start to make the same sounds as that entity, which is a mirror of your soul’s strength, whether it be a Wolf, a Panther or an Eagle.

The Morph showed me a tale of Israel:

The Morph showed me opinions shifting, and it showed me Netanyahu as he looks in the Aluna. He’s a rat that sniffs through the hellish back alleys of the Morph. Usually he is drunk and people say he is a raving alcoholic. He is not human in his original form. He’s a shape-shifting ghoul in rats clothing.

He will bring Israel down and the pitiful victimisation of the Jews is something they have to leave behind now. There is no justice in psychopathic killings of children, women or men, and then making reference to the concentration camps of Poland and how much the Jews have been pursued throughout history. The logic is perverted, twisted and profoundly sick.

Hard times usually will crack open the shell of the ego and let the soul come through. He and his Zionist Psychopaths cannot do that, since they have no soul. So they stay on the compass of the ego and the reptilian brain programming, fight or flight.

So that is what’s left for them: Murder and slaughter and while I’m at it, the Rothschild’s are behind this. Pure evil. Pure, pure evil.

Haven’t we all suffered long enough? Yes, we have and the rat is making sure that there is no Zionist Israel soon, so maybe in the long run that is a good thing.

The day the Malayan flight got shot down I went in to see why.
The Morph answered: The Zionists need new headlines and that is why.

It blew my mind that they would do that to shift the collective attention and they did not succeed, so another agenda stepped in: WWIII.

Rest assured that this will end well. I can see it in the Morph, since the Morph now again is settled and tranquil. Obviously the more troublesome realms in the Morph are in great unrest, but it has drawn back to where it was a few weeks ago. The Morph is a field,  a feel and an entity. If you come in conflict it will show you conflict. If you come in peace it will show you peace.

It’s instant Karma there. Very fast. Since it holds no time. Karma in 3D takes a bit longer to manifest.

We will wait for that, and that will be the end of the Matrix. Morphing Karma collecting its ghoulish entities that hold this world hostage for the joy and cheering of killing children….May hell hold them for 10.000 years…What an evil place this used to be, then.

Now, soon the Big Calm will roll in like sea fog on a hot summer’s day and we can rest and rejoice and build up again.

We know how to do it; we have been there before.

© 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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