Tales From The Morph V

I did ‘Soldier’ as a prelude to this, since there is our personal world and the word we inhabit and they are merging in the collective consciousness.

It’s obvious the world is reaching critical mass, and in such times fear creeps under the skin (as it is designed to do) unless you hold on to your inner Core and Kung Fu the perimeters.

Scotland is under high pressure and ‘easy to see through’ scare campaigns. They should break free, only trouble is: What’s really free in this world. Countries and thereby their citizens aren’t. The Matrix will Matrixifie them in no time. But at least they don’t have to listen to Cameron – that should be motive enough and a kind of freedom.

Spain is even more troublesome. Targeted for Ebola being so close to Africa, keep an eye on Spain. And if you live there, as I do presently, have an evacuation plan before they force Bill Gates’ vaccines on you and shut down the airports.

Catalonia wants to be free. So the Spanish bankrupt control system bought 1€ heavy riot gear, just in case the Northern Province decides to go independent, and they seem quite determined to do so. I see the hallmark of a civil war in the making.

A civil war is never further away than the Rothschild’s want it to be. Mayhem even closer. Always bear that in mind.

The Ukraine is still craving a conflict with Russia and NATO is on it. So we also have the blueprint for WW3 hammering our nervous systems.

In the Morph it seems different. NATO isn’t targeting Russia but China. In times of high alert and distress it’s always worth paying attention to who keeps silent. Who doesn’t interfere. Who plays invisible. The Morph says: Russia isn’t interesting for the Ghouls and Archons, China is. The US and thereby NATO want to wipe the economical slate clean. Okay.

The Chinese sit on $1.317 trillion of the USA, and that is the obvious. The stealth debt, by middlemen hiding the investor, isn’t estimated here. So if that is correct, we´re facing a war with Russia, who the powers that be really don’t think is that interesting, and thereby dragging China into it. Goodbye world.

Then we have the Fukushima brewing.

Then again we have the Ebola threat. It’s very possible that the Ebola is a construct and in the Morph it says: “They already have unleashed hell,” so the clock is absolutely ticking its ghastly seconds.

Then we have the opening now of US and what have we, targeting the weird bandanas and soon bombing the living daylight out of Syria, which they really couldn’t before. They were so close to targeting Damascus, but public opinion swayed and they had to find a legit reason. The legit reason is as un-legit as they come.

ISIS which I presume is short for ‘Israel Secret Intelligence Services’  did its job and Jihadi John is roaming the desert on a killing spree. Looks a bit like an anywhere desert and reminds me of those videos with Osama Bin Laden – who just kept getting younger and younger.

Then we have Gaia, she’s rumbling and tumbling under the CME´s of the sun. I was shown in the Morph that it’s like a microwave oven. The fluids underground get heated as the neutrinos shape shift and slowly but surely something’s got to give. So blame it on the neutrinos. Theres a pattern in, that when the sun do this, volcano eruptions and earthquakes increases.

I guess it’s fair to say that there is a certain amount of pressure here…

I think of myself as fairly informed but probably could be a damn lot smarter; but the daily surfs and reads though the headlines of this world, from mainstream to alternative sites, tell me this planet is in for the kill unless some external event puts a stop to it. And I´m not in the rapture of The Second Coming or relying on SpaceBros in flying saucers.

I’m relying on the sanity of the Universe.

Maybe that’s naive since I know the principle of: ‘Don’t govern the world and the world will govern itself’ and yet: It is governments that are the architects of this, so maybe the Universe has a divine celestial tweak to that principle like: Enough is enough and the sun shone and the sun roared, and stillness prevailed.

Birds chirped, waves licked the beaches and we were free again like prisoners suddenly released into daylight… bewildered and in pristine disbelief we will shake our heads and shield our eyes with our hands.

Surprisingly asking: Is it over now? Did they have their way?

The children playing carelessly in the meadows had the answer to that question.

© 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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