The Department of Divide and Conquer

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In recent days we have explored a certain region of America’s heart of darkness. One way or another, the dysfunctional side of the culture is in the majority and this accounts for the state of the nation. There are several larger blocks of hive mind that share ghastly similarities though the members of each might not see the connection. On the surface, and there is only the surface, large population segments exist in conditions very similar to those experienced by the animals at large factory farms.

In the case of religious fundies, it is the dogma and cant that operate as the Krazy Glue, which holds the subculture together in something resembling those large floating islands of plastic in the Pacific. There’s another subculture that is also religion based and involves celebrity worship. At one point, Kim Kardashian had over six million friends on Facebook. Now that seems to have translated over into ‘likes’. I’ve never seen the reality show but I did see a couple of episodes of Paris Hilton’s BFF, or whatever its called. That was a horrifying experience.

I sense that the popularity of these thing will forever outstrip my own works and just about everyone else who might engage in even rudimentary complexities of thought. There’s some kind of hidden law that controls these things, like where the worst poet of all time, Rod McKuen made six million dollars in one year that probably exceeds the collective return of all the great poets in history. Maybe not but close.

Every summer, thousands of Americans set out in Jetstream campers and Winnebagos to visit American malls. That’s how they spend their summer vacation. A smaller number take walking tours of serial killers homes and killing fields. Impoverished youth with no way to afford a college education, enter the military for a ritual brutalization of their being, whose object is to make them desensitized.

This was one of the reasons for the destruction of the economy; to force young people into a militarized setting. I could go into detail about the implications but the reader is smart and agile enough to intuit the many ramifications.

There is another very large subculture that contains other subcultures and all of them are internet related. Only a very small number of us go to alternative news sites. A far larger collection are religious gamers (yes, that is also a religion), porno addicts and celebrity junkies. There’s also a lot of gamblers, scammers and various sport enthusiasts. Once you add together all of these people, as well as groups I haven’t mentioned, with their own particular focus, you have a majority of the American people.

Most of these collectives may seldom cross each others paths but their hive mind vibrates across the landscape and engages in eerie counterpoints with one another. It creates harmonics that might have been the envy of John Cage, if John Cage had suffered from both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease combined with a liquid diet of Ripple wine; do not cue the Grateful Dead.

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