The Monster Under Our Bed

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I sit back, thinking maybe if I distance myself enough perhaps the bigger picture will reveal itself to me; but alas, even that does not help me understand the seemingly planet wide denial regarding Fukushima.

Here we are approaching the two year anniversary of that continuously erupting nuclear volcano in Japan; and not only has no progress been made, but it’s looking like no attempt at progress has been made.  In point of fact Tepco and the Japanese government have done many things which just make the disaster even worse.  It absolutely defies logic that the evacuation zones were rescinded, back to three miles from the laughably inadequate twelve miles, but they were!

I could scarcely believe it several months ago when correspondent Yoichi Shimatsu reported that the Japanese government was collecting tsunami debris and burning it at many incineration sites across Japan. By burning already contaminated material you are essentially causing a re-release of fallout back into the environment, compounding the damage, both short & long term.

It sounds like self-inflicted genocide to keep the population in place and encourage them to eat contaminated food and ignore the fallout, but that is exactly what is happening.  Despite official denial, they say that Tokyo is now as badly contaminated in places as the town of Fukushima.

For nearly two years now Tepco has been dumping highly radioactive waste water directly into the Pacific ocean, in flagrant violation of international & environmental laws.  This of course does not include the plume of radiation which continues to be emitted from the site of three core meltdowns even as its tendrils of death continue encircling the Earth.

Meanwhile in the mainstream media there is scant mention of the worst environmental disaster Earth has seen since the Permian extinction.  Nary a word about the ever growing cloud of cancerous death enveloping the planet or the fact we have allowed the Japanese government & Tepco to effectively kill the Pacific ocean without so much as a wrist slap or fine…and we’re fine with that it seems.

What scant reference there is in the mainstream media about Fukushima is engineered drivel to encourage folks to think the problem has just magically gone away.   It hasn’t.

Those of us who inhabit “the left coast” of America understood right away what the score was when the government ordered the majority of west coast radiation detectors to be shut down a few days after the Nuclear Tsunami.  Not long after that; they very quietly raised the “safe” exposure levels to radioactive fallout.

How very considerate, they don’t want to scare the sheep, at least not until after the fleecing.  When those whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry demanded the federal government begin testing Pacific caught fish, our government replied, “There is no need to do that.”  To this day they haven’t officially tested as much as a single salmon.  If they have, where are those results?

It just strikes me as perverse when both McDonalds and Wendy’s are currently running commercials pushing their “Fishy” products and emphasizing the fish are “Alaskan Cod” and “North Pacific Cod.”  Thanks for the honesty guys, but I’ll pass.

I guess the same people who don’t want to know if their food contains GMO’s are the ones who still think of Alaskan Cod as a delicacy two years after Fukushima.  I know that both the official denial and the indifference of the population have the same exact nexus:

Nobody knows what to do or how to stop it.

We are up against the nightmare boogeyman monster of two generations, finally let loose like Godzilla to wreck havoc on Earth, and the best response we can manage is to still pull the covers up over our heads, hoping it just goes away.  It isn’t going away, not ever, because we don’t know how to make it do that.

Isn’t that the plot to every Hollywood monster movie, mankind does something just because he can…without regard for public safety, or any clear idea of what to do if it all goes horribly wrong, as it inevitably does.  As it inevitably has.

So, here we are with our worst fears fully realized and both the populations and governments involved are curiously silent.  The government lies to us about everything,  why would we believe anything they say about Fukushima or radioactive fallout?  In this case I don’t think we care about the lying, I think we prefer it that way.

The nation of Japan today is a mere shadow of  the powerhouse country it was just 26 months ago.  Both Tepco and the government of Japan have undergone changes in leadership and key personnel, as the nightmare there continues to cascade out of control.  Meanwhile the citizens of Japan have little choice but to suffer in place and fend for themselves as best they can, because their government has abandoned them, and much, much worse.  We would do well to remember that when it becomes our turn to embrace the horror.  Our government has already abandoned us, to think it will come running in to “save” us now is just the height of foolishness.

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