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The Mystical Heat of Stigmata

Feeling the Stigmata Rising? Do your hands and feet get warm? Does it seem like you have a tight bandana around your head, like the skin is a bit too tight around the forehead? Pain in the side?

Seems like you are knowingly or unknowingly healing this world.

I have mentioned this Stigmata phenomenon before. It is shown in Christianity as the wounds of the Christ. In eastern religions and philosophy, it is shown via the chakra system. It is a cross-cultural and cross-religion phenomena.

Some have the ability to consciously call upon those divine vortexes and use them for healing. They are very powerful and will often, in either remote or hands on healing, give some pretty good results. If you are familiar with this, you will also know how much they hurt. It feels like the hands are burning. A way to deal with this after a healing is to put your palms under a cold water tap almost to the point of feeling icy, but a strange thing will happen: You can cool the pain down but the warmth is still there.

This very strange sensation often comes over the years of experiencing this, and the reason is that the stigmata is moving toward being seen physically. When it is energetics, the physical stigmata isn’t obvious yet to the person experiencing it or to others. When your skin in the palms starts to fracture and go pink/reddish, it is working its way from the vertical to the horizontal, into physical life.

This is often the reality of the mystic who works in that field. And even for a trained healer/mystic it can still be a puzzle when the energetics just seem to start by themselves, which is happening now to a number of people.

I have worked with this for 20 years now and it still surprises me. Since I am not into ‘in theory’ but prefer experienced reality, it is for me and others: Learning by doing, which is the best way in all matters, since it is very easy to explain from a theoretical point of view but very hard to comprehend from a practical view. The stigmata phenomena often are associated with suffering, and only for the highly evolved. Hence: Christianity.

I never have talked much about it since I do not want to be credited for any kind of specialness. Specialness is the main virus in a spiritual immune system and to keep that immune system running in the healthiest way, you have to eliminate that bug on the account of: We are all special.

What could possibly be the reason that people who never had that sensation before are dealing with it now?

I noticed that since the start of May, my own experiences with spontaneous stigmata took to the roof. It would kick in and still does when entering a café, watching a movie, dealing socially with people and so on. Sometimes it gets so hot that I have to put my hands on something non-biological to ease it and direct the energy into that object: A coffee table, a steering wheel, kitchen sink and whatever is available.

Another good way is to find a tree and direct it into that. It will ease the pain and get rid of some of the energy. The most difficult thing is the sensation to the forehead. It seems like a headache, or a headache approaching, but it is not. It can manifest as a slightly disconnected feeling and like the brain is becoming too big for the skull.

What works for me is to have something sweet, since the overall healing vortex will put a load on your blood sugar level and when it’s balanced again it seems to ease off.

On the other hand, it can take days to ‘take it down’, as goes for all the vortexes, and in he meantime it starts again. So, it is also a matter of endurance and to learn to live with it. You will have to decide if you are impacted by this.

The reason why is has started now in a more collective way than I have ever seen would be the state of this world. I do not think I have to go into that but people do not feel safe. One just has to go over the headlines in the mainstream media to form a picture of the state of this world. It is a horizontal fear combined with the fear of the God Force as a punishing entity: Nowhere to feel safe if you plug into both fears.

That the feudal system running this world is psychopathic and their media are driving people into fear, thereby feeding the entities behind the mess. It is very sad. And it will reach critical mass in a world where the few promote hate against whatever serves their agenda on any given day. I mean, yesterday’s friend is today’s new foe and apparently problems that these people have no interest in solving are piling up. It is very hard to stay in the Zen, and insist that: Love, is still a thing.

Love is blue, as an un-chemmed sky. Hate is still the new black.

The God force, the Celestial, the Uni is trying to settle this energetic shift by radiating its healing from the vertical, but it needs a transmitter, and that is what is going on. So, when your body goes on stigmata auto-mode you are being a transmitter of that celestial energy. The stigmata starts up to try and ‘clear the room’ and the people in it.

You are the counter wave. Do it quietly. Do it humbly and see through the pain of and in this world. Then you are safe and that is the best way to deal with it if you have it. It’s a question of accepting that you are vertically driven and outside the Matrix.

We can have a life defined by the system or have a life defying the system. The stigmata often comes to people who stand by their own ethics, not the ethics up for sale in a world driven by dark forces.

© 2017 Soren Dreier

Previously on Stigmata:

The Stigmata in the palms can awake by itself and by doing that it tells you in a bodily manner that you are plugged into the ´healing fields’ in the ether, the collective consciousness, the Void or whatever you want to call it. I’m not talking bleeding stigmata – it is very radical and often induced by religious hysteria. It is very hurtful to the people who get it, but there’s some truth in it still, since it’s mind over matter or maybe in this case: spirituality over matter.

The energetic Stigmata is more modest. Here is a way to feel the tickling buzz of energetic stigmata, which is: The Healing Vortex in the Healing Hands. Based on the understanding of the primary or the secondary chakras. The primary chakras are much spoken of, so no need to go into those. The secondary is to me way more interesting. Some ancient scripts say we have 361. Some say more. Some say less.

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