The Preacher Hood of Wrongness

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Author: Soren Dreier


Do you know the wrongness Preachers? Preachers of you being wrong.

It becomes their religion.

It may be in a workplace or in the family and in these times: on the Internet.

The backstabbing “holy” sword.

The paparazzi mindset. Very close to the reptillian mindset.

I’m talking about people who constantly proclaim you to be wrong. Often their wrongness radar is so efficient that EVERYTHING is wrong. You cannot, in their eyes, do anything right and no matter how you try to defend or explain yourself, it gets twisted in a sick: “bringing you down”- agenda.

We are somehow plugged into defending ourselves, when we get perceived the wrong way, but standing in front of the Preacher hood, that will only cause us more harm.

Sounds like the church in the dark ages, right?

So there’s a choice to be made here:

“Fight for your right “ or “ Be a right fighter”.

Being a “right fighter” is a trap.
They want to be right, no matter what the truth may be.
If you give them the truth version of: “You”, it only gets twisted even more, and they will start their next crusade: Dig into your personal history.

That’s kind of the Hallmark of asholeism, since we all got flaws and aren’t effin perfect in retrospect. And a nasty break-up with a lover: They will use it. It´s none of their business!

Fight for your right, is better if you stand in harm’s way of the sacramental spying holy oil they will poor on you.

Your fight is very basic since it´s a fight for the right to be you: Making good choices, making not so good choices, and down that road.

We can only conceive perfection if we have flaws, no matter what they are. And on some level, trying to align ourselves with our own ideas of being: Without personal or professional flaws, that would be an illusion.

Where’s the license to practice in this reality we´re in here?

Preacher hood of wrongness goes in holy choir: “Not Granted.”

Where does that leave the Preacher hood?

On their crusade they don’t get that they alienate their surroundings and basically pretty much just end up in emotional deprivation, depression and a high degree of isolation.
Because eventually it will backfire. Always does.

Cyber Demolition.

There are nasty people on a magnitude scale out there, entering the keyboard religion of asholeism. Accompanied by the choir of forum people that somehow brings gasoline to the fire and really has no knowledge of the persons involved. They are there for the riot. And there are pretty nice forum people out there too. Of course.

Teens comitting suicide and adults knocked out of orbit. Hit “Enter”- deeds done. So easy. The bravery of being out of range.

So called “Awake” people, engaged  in cybermobbing. What a contradiction. Pitiful.

Same reality in many families, and at work.

If you have such a person in your family to start there, you often run into an emotional roundabout where you may be thinking:

I love this person, but I hate what they are doing to me.

A strange double bind feeling.

The reason why it is double binded may be that they use Meta communication.

Meta Communication means: I communicate with duality, so nobody basically finds out what I mean and who I am. Asholeism bravery.

Meta-communication is not to be confused with irony.

Then it’s usually fun.

Meta Communication has one big intent and that is to confuse you.

For example, if you’re on a job and take a break for a cup of coffee the wrongness preacher says, “Oh, how busy you are.”

That would be a good joke and an icebreaker in a healthy environment. In a sick: You’ve been targeted.

Kung Fu the Preacher hood:

If you have wrongness preachers in your surroundings, there are several ways to stop them and you can get them to change the pattern.

We can’t do that by getting them to feel wrong – you’ll only pour gasoline on their wrongness vessel.

There’s some good emotional Kung Fu in this:

Don’t get hurt by them after they have offended you, it’s their trap so to speak. And that’s pretty hard, but there’s a way: Don’t take them personally. They would want that, and it’s hard not to, since they are personal beyond any shame.

They are going after the kill.

Character assassination, and will use every dishonorable means at their disposal. Personally I find the history digging pretty awful, since we are not our history.

We come out of it, I agree, but are here: Now. On a personal level. That’s pretty basic evolution, but in the Church of Wrongness, you are not allowed to evolve.

Add blackmail to the list, if you become successful.

You become a sitting duck for exploitation. Usually from ex wifes or associates. That would be both finacially and emotionally. Using the hostage tricks of the matrix, offering that you can somehow can “pay” your way out of the attacks. Creepy now, think?

Under fire:

So there has been a “blame shift” and you are left with the stinky buck and should be apologizing that you exist at all. C´mon.

You should walk their purgatory bonfire. Never, nada, zip, zero.

And we are not in a psychological field here were we want: “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, coming out of the jukebox. Pretty song, and the dark lords want to hear it.

Nope. Permission not granted.

“Sorry”, doesn’t cut it here. We´re not in that field right now.

Why: Because everything you ever did, said and felt or meant are being hammered, and on that level: Why excuse? We can’t. Because it made us bloody human.

A whole other ballgame is: When we intentionally screw up, or unintentionally: Hey sorry, forgive?

- Ok

Move on?


It is somehow difficult, the distinction of standing up for yourself without losing power in the personal department or having the feeling of power sliding from you by sticking your head in the sand. But that’s what they induce.

They would want you victimized and wounded, begging for forgiveness.

Don’t. The Matrix of forgiveness is pretty much: If we don’t blame anyone, we don’t have to forgive. So stop the Blame Game.

Ways of fighting can be:

If it’s a small insect, wipe it off and move on. Feel the itch but never mind, it will heal.

The walk-away:

We don’t have to be drawn into assassination of the obvious emotional bullets.

We have the weapon of choice that is: To walk away and not engage.

They will try and try to suck you in, so in order to do the walk away, you will never see these people again.

A wrongness preacher’s goal is always to control you. Remember this. And if they can’t control you, they will hate you for it. Let them.

This is very much the mechanism in families and at work.

Be a hostage and suffer the Stockholm syndrome the rest of your life or be free. That’s the cost of staying. No thank you very much.

Wear them out:

Let them hit and hit. When they run out of arms, and this is a pretty good sign of it: They will go: History. And they will do that on a paparazzi level. Be sure of that.

No shame, nothing’s small enough, below the belt assassination.

The: No honor hallmark.

Fight them back:

A warrior, whether this is in relationships, professional life or maybe the Internet, knows the strength in waiting. In collecting and gathering. It’s a spiritual thing.

It´s like bringing up kids to bring it down to basics. If we´re around kids we would never start by shouting at them when they misbehave, if we do that we will lose our strength and what should be next, yes: abuse.

A whisper is more powerful that a shout.

I think a good combat skill here is if we should choose to fight back:

Never go personal.

Take the fighting at its core. The argument, not the emotions. And return your punches with the precise measure of strength that won’t wear you out and leaves your adversary, with the opportunity of: Honorable defeat.

That would separate you from the asholeim in fighting and show: You have Grace.

If you work it that manner, friends will pop up from all over. Stand by you.

The mechanics of sync will provide for that. Like it provided the Preacher hood with mindless spectators at the Coliseum waiting for the Kill.

Detach from the personal level and you will prevail.

For some people these fights come on most suddenly.

For others there are coordinated prepared attacks that are orchestrated from a hidden source. They are very nasty.

And when the Preacher hood all goes to hell, be humble, don’t brag, you just won an epic battle.

They wanted to control you, and you did not hand it over. Fight for your right to be you.

You don’t want to be: Them.

Place occupied, Thankfully so.

©2013 Soren Dreier

Stuart Wilde wrote to me on the subject: “They are sub-humans Bro”

Indeed, Stuart.