The Rense Fight Club. Round…? (Reloaded)

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Author: Soren Dreier


The preacher hood of wrongness.

I don’t know if you have noticed the turf war. If you haven’t, I’ll bring it to your attention, because it’s a kind of study in Internet warfare. I won’t be putting any links and so on for obvious reasons. It’s there if you want to read it.

The attacks against Rense, it’s seen as a fight / War.

It started off with this guy being pissed at Rense. Got a post in my mail with an analysis of the Rense economy, and other stuff.

I have read the post over and over and I thought: Wow, this is Internet suicide big time. Suicide because the attacker victimized himself. Never a good place to be. He’ll loose his power. We do that I think on all levels when we victimize ourselves.

Spiritual warfare deal breaker number one, was the “exposing” of Rense’s economy out in the open, or trying to use it to get a cheap shot. Now, what’s wrong with being successful and having revenue from it? Rense is an institution and he should go: “Nah, sorry ’bout that, didn’t mean it, I’ll pull my ads.”…?


The next deal breaker came when telling the public that Rense is fond of Motorcycles. Ahh, there you have it. He is exposed big time. Up close and personal,think?

Listen, I don’t give a shit. I’m fond of going to the movies. Waiting for somebody to use that against me. “Pssst. That guy, he loves Hollywood programming control. Saw him at the movies.”

We’ve all got to relax. And then the marriage frequency of Mr. Rense was hit. That kind of exposed the agenda.

I’ve heard through the grapevine Rense is well respected, and very decent.

Then another hit: “Yes, but he’s hysterical about his site!”

Ehhhh, yes. I am too, because it’s my bleeding platform. All are. It’s their work. And they put pride and ego into it. They have to. It’s their heart and brainchild.

C’mon, if this is the way you fight, you’ll harvest the instant karma.

And kind of give the control system what it wants: Public pitted against an alternative site. Everybody using time and effort. So frankly, the attacker walked into the slippery web of the matrix, and it would be my guess he will spend most of his time trying to get out. Pulled away so elegantly by himself from his own work?

Rense didn’t put him there. He did. Backfired.

Very interesting mechanics.

If you want to fight, please bring some good fighting skills. And don’t deal break.

I’ve got people praying for me.

A month back I wrote a “David Icke” post*.

I wanted to bend the whole, “I hate David Icke agenda” , because I look at David with love.

People got it wrong and thought I hated the man! I think David thought it was fun. He put in on his site, and people stopped praying. Thank you, for stopping.

On the other hand, and that’s really my point here:

We cannot be responsible for what people make of it. It’s their choice as it passes through the realms of their belief systems. That’s a quite subjective field.

Unplug from this, and you’re somehow free to express yourselves, without filtering too much.

But we are responsible for the things we throw into the fire. It comes with the territory.

It doesn’t favor deal breaking and self-victimizing: Only the Matrix does, and it will eat you for breakfast….

Who’s next at the pulling punches buffet?

If this is combat skills, Rense have nothing to fear.


© 2012 Soren Dreier