The Joyful Solstice – Christmas Vortex

There is a spiritual dynamic to Christmas and some interesting metaphysics that we can both facilitate or plug into. The opposite of Easter, where the dynamics are more dense, the dynamic of Christmas is joy and hope.

We have the joy of Solstice. The return of the light and its promise of warmth and abundance as goes for another year of good crops and the lightness of spring come the mellow days of summer once again.

A vortex of celebration for mystics, sages and people who are not into major religion. I count myself into that crowd blended with a meaningful Christmas spirit.

The celebration is not limited to the precise hour of Solstice; it has its prelude and epilogue. In my life I count it to be 12 days before the precise hour and 12 days after the precise hour. Some say it’s less, some say it’s more.

When so many people engage in celebrating Solstice in the frequency of joy, hope and renewed optimism, it creates a collective field that we can plug into and if we celebrate it we also facilitate it.

As the power of our collective joy oscillates we seem to push the astral layer back in its place again. The metaphysical reason is that the power of joy and hope shoots through the astral layers and creates a bridge between our consciousness and the etheric layers, which have a much higher vibration and velocity than the astral layers.

So millions of people are building that bridge into a more solid manifestation and it allows more people to attach to it and cross it.

It is a very important spiritual dynamic since it revitalizes the higher aspects of our ‘fields’. It is one high vibe recharge of the upper chakras. It is collective healing. It is collective joy.

If you are not part of any group celebration of Solstice, which you don’t have to be, it can be very healing just to spend some hours during the solstice in meditation or silence, and if you try to tune your mind and heart into this, you will often feel a healing of mind, body and spirit.

This process is enhanced in abundance, when the other vortex steps in: The Christian celebration of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. And yes it seems very contradictive to celebrate the Prince of Peace in a war torn world, and one could argue that’s exactly why it’s important, to manifest it.

We are not talking millions of people now, tuning in to the frequencies of the Celestial, we´re talking a billion tuning in, feeding on or feeding it, for the right reasons. A lot of people who are into religion, are not into religion really. It’s an insurance policy to show if the ‘biblical judgment day’ should show out to be real.

Good-hearted Christian people are out there and they often have a beautiful vibe about them. They plug  into what they believe, honoring Jesus and rejoicing in his birth. Basically the inner energetics are the same as for the Solstice and both celebrations would seem equally ridiculous to the Mundane Atheist: ‘No remedies, No Crystals, No Funny Business´- kind of folks. So either way, it’s systems of beliefs. So is the Atheist belief in ‘Nothing’.

We can say, with a certain validity, that the Matrix just swapped the Solstice with Jesus, when big religion needed to define Pagan versus Christian. Which can be used as a good thing, since we now have two celestial vortexes that are put into place and they will unite in the hidden layers and frequency fields that surround us.

The Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus opens the Angelic realms and the realms of the high frequency celestial helpers that we have. They are attracted to joy, festivity, happiness, and the love of giving and receiving.

This is where a disclaimer steps in: I’m not addressing the commercial abused concept of giving. I’m not talking about big consumerism here; I’m talking about the gifts of love.

A very basic give of love is… that people are spending that day in celebration of where we come from in a mundane perspective.

Our thoughts often go to those who aren’t here anymore. Our thoughts often dive into the treasures we all have inside of Christmas innocence when we were kids, the smells, the sounds, unpacking the gifts we got and the joy we felt in receiving.

That road seems maybe more difficult to go down as we age, but what I am pointing to is the realization of the inner child and all of the innocence we all had back then. It is so important to pass on. This year I am personally celebrating a child’s first Christmas and I am very excited about that.

Christmas also holds a lot of pain, since it is so abused by people binge drinking, domestic abuse, and the way the control system has divided families into thinking that work is where they should be most of the time. We spend far less time with our closest than on work, and for those who don’t have work, Christmas ‘the matrix’ way, is not within, they think, their range of economic possibilities.

Well, screw that – if you are in that situation, go creative. Call the bloody folks and ask them to take the consumerism several notches down or create your own parameter of celebration. Don’t ever go: I’m not worthy. Receive, and only give your energy and you will be safe.

The transformational vortexes of Christmas are spiritual dynamics and are not in any way tied in with your ability to provide in a Holy season abused by business owners. Do not victimize yourself on their account. They have a very difficult karma ahead of them.

World weary travellers, maybe put all the concerns aside, drop that weight of the world off your shoulders, stuff all the thinking and overthinking aside (can be picked up at the door later), and just go for the warm feel of it all. Seek solace in the children’s joy, knowing that we at the same time are creators of a frequency of hope, joy, happiness, peace, and the more we feed that – the more it manifests.

That is the true spiritual coherence of the Solstice and the Christmas.

Being the water and not the container.

© 2015 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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