The Split Man

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Author: Stuart Wilde


In the etheric, I watch people in the street say, I often see people that are split down the middle. It is like you can see right through them up the middle as in this picture. At first I did not know what it meant.

But later, watching some of the people that were at my gigs, I saw the split in them, and I realized that they all had the same thing in common in that they were very mental, they thought a lot, and they talked a lot about themselves, and they had no feelings. They were not linked to humanity, each seemed very self-obsessed, while pretending to be spiritual and soft.

So I came to wonder if the deep inner split occurred when a person’s left-brain becomes disconnected from their right-brain, and so they have no empathy, or link to the sensitivities of the animal world, nature or humans.

The split human is cruel, a covert Nazi in the making. They want to control humanity and be important. You can see it in the cerebral cruelty of politicians on the television, though I can’t usually see the human etheric on TV, as the studio lights drown it all out.

The Sacred Beings warned us a while ago of covert operatives that were agents of the ghouls that were in amongst us. They said they were very cleverly hidden, and I must say I gradually saw that to be true, as I started to look for and find the split people.

I did not throw the split people out, I just watched them more carefully, that was all. I believe even the worse people can potentially improve though I have not seen it happen much so far.

The problem is the split-people are sociopaths. They don’t have any qualms or feelings for others. They are usually self-obsessed and blank inside, abducted by the demonic. Some are black magicians.

One made a strange snarling gesture, and he said to me “I want to be a king and have people look up to me and admire me, and I want to boss them about and give them orders.”


I said to one of the women who is split, “What if you see an old woman fall over in the street” and the split-lady said, “I’d walk over her”.

The split-people don’t last, as the ghouls get in the gap between them and their mind.

Life is very interesting.

© 2013 Stuart Wilde

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