US Navy Jet Crashes in Residential Virginia

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A US navy training jet has crashed into residential buildings near Virginia Beach, Virginia, after the two pilots ejected.

Three people have reportedly been taken to hospital following the crash, which a spokesman for the US military said happened at 12.05pm.

The spokesman said the plane was a two-seater which was on a training exercise. Reports suggested it had struck a number of apartment buildings.

The military spokesman said the plane had been on a training flight when it crashed. He said both crew members had safely ejected from the plane and were on the ground.

Asked about casualties, the spokesman said: “I have no information on that point”.

Asked if the crew of the plane had radioed for help, he said it was “too early at this point for that kind of detail”.

Pictures posted to Twitter appeared to show the rear section of an airplane on fire amid rubble.

Virginia’s governor, Bob McDonnell, said he had been in contact with the mayor of Virginia Beach to offer state resources.

“We are taking all possible steps at the state level to provide immediate resources and assistance to those impacted by the crash of an F-18 fighter jet in Virginia Beach,” O’Donnell said.

“In the past half hour, I have spoken to Virginia Beach mayor Will Sessoms several times and informed him that all commonwealth resources are available to him as the community responds to this breaking situation.

“We are monitoring events carefully as they unfold and state police resources are now on the scene. Our fervent prayer is that no one was injured or killed in this accident.”


“Six injured in fireball as Navy F-18 fighter jet crashes into Virginia Beach apartment building – but both crew eject to safety”:

A Navy fighter jet today crashed into the suburbs of Virginia Beach, Virginia, slamming into condos, town houses, and a retirement community.

The two crew members ejected from the F/A-18D as it plummeted to the ground after take-off after dumping as much fuel as possible from the stricken aircraft – an act firefighters say saved lives.

One crew member was among the six people taken to hospital after the fiery crash.

Footage and photographs showed smoke rising from numerous homes and the wreckage of the fuselage laying smoldering on the ground.

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