How To Know What You Want

There are a lot of different angles out there, more or less new age, more or less sober: that bends the law of attraction into a washed out cliché of a non-working law.

In order to attract or manifest what we want in this life, I think a very good strategy is: Knowing what we really want in order to manifest it.
Some folks say: We may not get what we want but what we need, in order to dodge a very clear principle:

We are the source code to this.
What you want, you have to design, and you have got to tell the universe, or the universe can’t manifest for you. I very much subscribe to the idea that the Universe will provide, but:
With no action there will be no Reaction.

If you are not clear about what you need, and a lot of people are not at the present or too locked in, the universe will go: “ Ahh, you like to be confused or miserable” it will support that.

If the state is: “I am on the move and I have a clear vision of where I’m heading and what I need” the Universe will enforce that.

That should be a very good argument to dodge the: “The Universe will provide and I really don’t have to do nothing. I´ll just wait”, – new age cliché.

A better strategy could be: “I will make a move forward which is in line with the blueprint of what I would like to manifest and then I will focus on the big picture and leave the details to the Universe”.

So in times of quiet, in times of distress, in times of a feel of “holding pattern”, it might be a good idea to prepare for times ahead and go take the steering wheel and start the engine.

There is a way to kick off an inner dialog, which should make it clear what we really need and want. I have used it in seminars and in coaching on how to proceed and it has helped people to move on.

The outcome and success of this drill is very much based on not censoring the consciousness when doing it and just go with the flow.

The drill is based on the idea that we have three lives within. It´s only in theory they can be separated since they interact. They should, but sometimes it gets a little messy because they inflate and cloud each other, so it can be a very good idea to look at them separately.

The three aspects would be:

The Physical life.

The Emotional life.

The Intellectual life.

The three embodiments of very different aspects within us, which of course should come together in a beautiful flow, which would give us the life we would like. If there is harmony in the flow, the more whole we feel and when their interaction is disharmonic we feel they inflate and they become very hard to deal with, since they are not aligned.

The drill is quite simple and yet very powerful. Simple things are often very powerful, since the “simple truth” often strikes like lightning.
I´m not saying that this exercise is the truth but it could provide “your” truth according to your needs. We all have our own truth, to our needs and the way we would like our wishes to unfold.

The Drill:

Timeframe is 14 days.

Every night before bed make three lists.

– First list with your physical needs.

Put your needs down on paper like a grocery list. As said: Don’t over-think any list and don’t censor. The physical needs could be: Improve the body, money, your home, work: everything physical in your life.

– Second list, your emotional needs: Friends, relationships, self-relationship, love and so on.

– Third list with the more intellectual need: Education, interest to develop or strengthen, philosophical and spiritual passions, exploring and further.

Next morning read the lists through; tear them apart and in the evening make new lists. And so on for 14 days.

Don’t try to memorize the list. Start from scratch.

As the days go by, you will encounter that the number of topics, wishes on the lists will go drastically down. That is very good. Because, the list should tell you after 14 days, what you really want. What kept coming up on the list?

I had a student once who had about 50 wishes on each list. After two weeks of doing this exercise, the numbers were down to four. His emotional list had one wish: Peace. Very cool. He actually found out, even though he worked in children’s care in France, that he really wanted to be was a diving instructor in New Zealand and today he is.

The exercise will kick start a dialogue between the Ego wanting it all or too little and the subconscious and the higher consciousness and will dodge any toxic internal dialogue of: This I cannot ask for or whatever programming there could be in that.

It also bends the matrix blueprint of brainwashing us into believing that the Matrix’s very biased standard of living blueprint should cover it all. It doesn’t.

The law of attraction can’t really work if we don’t know how to tell it what we would like from it.

©2015 Soren Dreier / Full repost with permission.