What’s Happened to Mother?

“The trouble is, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, and once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing becomes as political an act as speaking out. Either way, you’re accountable. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” ~ Arundhati Roy

A few days ago I read a headline that said, “Woman sets husband on fire for raping her seven-year-old daughter.” That puts an image in my mind that I can’t unsee. My first thought… do we have to go this crazy?

What’s happened to Mother? Do you think if she were within her nature there would be such a thing as pedophilia? Would the thought of it even exist? Protective mother… who is she, where is she, what has happened to her. Out of her mind, injured, angry, missing in action maybe?

We’re watching for her to emerge. Like Ms. Roy, I too feel her coming home to take her seat.

I’ve spoken before on the subject of pedophilia and destruction of children, and even more the systematic corruption of innocence and Nature Herself. This in an effort to shine more light into that dark pit. If light needs to be shined in order to bring Mother back, and to bring Mother and Father into balance, then let’s do it. What is operating in the dark is forced to change when exposed to the light.

I am speaking of the Mother/Father balance within every being, i.e. I can feel/I can think. Equally I’m speaking of female and male human beings, mothers and fathers.

Babies and children deserve a protective mother. We all know that – it’s a natural, innate need and a justified expectation. This also is not a secret: mother was eased out of her position so very long ago. They came up with One God, but they were a bit off imagining that the One, the Source of our existence, of all existence, is a male human in the sky with a strange appetite for control, punishment and sacrifice.

When Divinity was placed outside of the human heart, it was the beginning of a chapter that I believe is now concluding. Here and now we see the Heart rising out of a ‘less than’ position. By Heart I mean the part of us that feels and knows by feeling – the part of us that really is One: we may think differently but we feel very much the same. Love feels like love in every one of us, and truth has a feel that we all recognize deep down.

The historical Jesus was a forerunner of this change. He came with the Heart message. But over time he realized that he had incarnated “out of due season”. The people weren’t ready for him. So he gave his inner message to a few close ones, and gave the rest of the people an outer message. Before he left, he said that he would return, his energy, his spirit, his consciousness would come back again, in much greater strength and beauty, and his message would be justice and mercy.

And here it is. We call it a shift: dimensional shift, consciousness shift, energy shift and so on.

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