Wilde, Weed & Kratom

With the misguided war on Kratom I thought maybe some words could be in place on an issue that has been bothering me for a while. If the DEA gets their way, some US citizens have to find an alternative for that, and for a lot it could be recreational or medical marijuana.

I wrote about the positive effect of weed and often if I write something that goes against the opinion of Stuart, I get a lot of mails, telling me I´m off track.

Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t challenge my respect and love for the man, but with respect and love comes also honesty. If not, it’s not respect and love. It’s parroting and I’m not a birdman.

I came to know about Kratom some time ago. People started telling me they used Kratom and not Cannabis, since Stuart was clearly against weed, and stated that it was ghoulish and opened a door of possession and such. The effect his view on this had/has on his followers was basically that they put away the weed, also the ones that needed it medically and tried out alternatives like: Kratom and Kava Kava.

There are big differences in these three compounds, and yet they somehow correspond. Learning that by doing could be a fair road to take, since the more personal benefits seem to differ. Personally I cannot deal with Kava Kava, since it is too low of a frequency, but maybe that’s just me and that is my point in all this.

I have touched on my dialogue with Stuart on this before, where I would write him: How can you say that Stu, it is one of the most healing medical plants on the planet?

He never got into detail as to why, but he softened up a bit.

And here it comes: Maybe Stuart should have told his followers that he himself used weed, like in joints, like in order to chill way up to his departure from this planet. And whoops, there went another 500 readers of mine.

But you know, we have to stop this: Blindly Following. One of Stuart’s catch phrases was: Free thinking helps. He did not introduce an exception like: Free thinking helps, but doesn’t apply to me.

What I´m saying now doesn’t entirely apply to Stuart but maybe more to hard-core followers: The Ghoul Hype got inflated with everything about ghouls or ghoulish. If it is so: Then everything does become ghoulish, since where attention goes energy flows….

I mean, I have people in healings and writing me: “I have cancer and I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I dare go with cannabis oil, since Stuart warned about cannabis.” Jesus. I mean: Jesus. Get on the Oil: ASAP!!!

What a fear created. What a construction of fear created and excuse me for saying this: But, don’t take every opinion of somebody who walked this planet, new age teacher or not, for granted. That really should go without saying. Do not give away your power like that. Do not die on that account, please.

These hard-core followers would even say that I am ghoulish just by stating that Stu was wrong on this one. And it’s okay: Stay in the Cult, that is what hard-core following is about. But take a moment and ponder upon this: Has hard-core following in this world ever lead to something good? The world is not a Cult and only people who need to be in one and to lead one, would have that perspective. And Stuart did not endorse Cult’s, on the contrary.

What’s maybe more needed is to set oneself free of Dogma formulated by others and use their words and opinions on this and that as inspiration and be very careful to enter other systems of beliefs that define themselves by pinpointing what’s ghoulish in this world and what is not.

Fear, or creating fear by hinting – ‘Ghoul/ghoulish’ – is nothing but luring people into a congregation of specialness via the old fear mechanics that the new age world so perfectly mirrors. It attracts nothing to me but sadness over how easily people fall for the ‘Them and Us’ meme in what could have been the liberation through spirituality but under the hood is nothing more than creating Ghouls and Ghoulish influences where there are none.

I mean: Even the blind don’t follow blindly, they have their walking stick to echo their perceptions on the route the are taking.

Stuart made the connection between Cannabis and Ghouls and he was wrong about it up to the point where one is not USING but ABUSING it. When we abuse something like cannabis, kratom, kava kava, alcohol, diazepam, meat, women, men, followers, readers and what have we, the whole system of ours goes Ghoulish and that is the Matrix in that, plain and simple.

So, if you are a Stuart ‘follower’ and using Kratom because the ‘ghoulishness’ of weed got to you, and you’re living in the US, go weed. It’s safe.

In fact, the safest thing in this world, is to form your own opinion on things and to not have the need for anyone to tell you what to eat, drink, use, feel and think.

Having the opinion of others to play up against is by far more preferable.

Spiritual Warriors just do not have that frequency of conformity to follow blindly since if they did, the term warrior would be as hollow as an empty barrel.

They often sound the loudest.

© 2016 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission

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