2016 Must be the Year of Understatement

February 12, 2016

Every year, around the end of January, my daughter in Alaska comes for a visit; and it’s always the highlight of my year to say the least.  This year she brought with her, my number one granddaughter whom I haven’t seen for several years, so it was more of a family reunion albeit a small one.

While making ready for their visit, I reminded myself to not bring up the kinds of things I normally blog about, so as to not come off as a total conspiracy nut and risk alienating my granddaughter.

The girls had a short list of things they wanted to do while here, redwoods tour, wine tasting tour, and a photo safari to the Golden Gate bridge for starters.  Good thing they were planning on staying a few days.

Following a full day of activity, I treated my ladies to dinner at a premiere eatery.  We began discussing the following day’s itinerary, and I thought it a great time to use the NOAA satellite app on my phone to get an idea of what kind of weather to expect.  When the streaming satellite feed loaded, all my best intentions faded away as I looked at the on-going methane leak at Porter Ranch just outside Los Angeles.

It looked like a huge malevolent tornado covering the western US, touching down precisely at the Porter Ranch area.  It took but a moment to understand what we were looking at, and it was decidedly not normal.  Before I could put the phone away my granddaughter asked “What’s all that yucky yellowish stuff?”  Knowing she was too old to condescend, or lie to; I had but a single option.  “Well dear, I think that is methane pouring out of the ground, going on three months or so by now, just outside LA.”

Just as I said that, our waitress returned with appetizers, and caught the whole exchange.  Staring at the streaming images, she said, “Wow, that’s gonna mess us up real good!”

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