2020 On All Cylinders

February 7, 2020

Here we are, the start of February. Going back just 5 weeks, 2019 ended in fire and we slipped into 2020 still ablaze. The first thing we were presented with was the possibility of WW3 sparked by the USA (Israel) and its Iran problem. Now we are served the not so cool Corona. Australia still ablaze, but it’s not headline news anymore. Locust invasions of biblical proportions and whatnot.

A friend from New Zealand wrote: “I am being dragged through the bushes” – which is the Kiwi expression for feeling badly messed up on an internal personal note.

Yes, exiting last year, I actually don’t know that many people not feeling dragged through the bushes. My daily work had me conclude: Wow, good people are getting hammered by internal events, often triggered by external events, not so much in fear or uncertainty, but our inner lives seem very synchronistic with the external turmoil.

It can only do that if we are spiritually connected with and to this world. Something’s stirring, even in people who are detached to the mundane everyday drama. We can surf the seas of the collective as much as we want, but eventually, we will get our toes in and get wet or simply drop into the Ocean of collective fear and that is the real danger for mystics and the spiritually engaged: Will we keep dry throughout 2020 or we will get sucked in.

A lot of people had such a challenging last half of 2019, where despair roamed, hurt prevailed, and there was a lot of internal stuff to purify (fire), to deal with, and hope for it never to return. Yet, each of these people, and maybe you, also encountered a heightened sensitivity, which is really the main reason for the bush dragging feeling. The purpose of it.

So much external stuff, most of it insane in its brutality, most of it brutal in its actions, we had to or still have to: shift senses by transcending the fears of solar plexus into the Heart’s frequencies of knowing, being aware that we are entering one of the most transformative years we yet have seen. If we can do that – we will not be pulled into agendas we did not agree on getting pulled into and stand our ground and hope for the collective and hereby individual transformation into a state of mind of either acceptance or warrior-hood. Comply, is no longer an option.

The key lies precisely in: “agendas we did not agree on getting pulled into.”

We have fought so hard to become ourselves and not being manipulated by society or more or less out-there conspiracy theorists but to form our very own opinion of where we are heading individually and collectively.
Individually, first – since we need our own compass not to be manipulated into the collective narrative. If we do not have our own idea of what is going on, we will be low hanging fruit for loud voices, and every true mystic knows – that the truth, which is not singular – is never shouted from the rooftops – but whispered through the winds of change.

Since time doesn’t divide the years, the calendar does – this will be an ongoing process for the next 3 years. It will be seen from a mainstream narrative as years of great fear.

Fear is a popular meal, but it’s toxic. The basis compound in it is Death, and the fear of death. So, we have to free ourselves from this curse of fearing death. None of us will leave this planet before our work is done, especially within ourselves. That is why we come here. To see if our spiritual levy will break and fear will flood us knowing that, the sea is packed with predators.

As for the control system, it will promote more and more prison-like schemes to make us comply for our own safety.

Trust, love, and respect for the animals and people we are here together with, we share Dharma with, is the sitting duck in this blitzkrieg on our good hearts and manners. We must never forget that.

It is our Faith in this world that once more is targeted and we all have very little left as it is…

“This world” isn’t by any means their world but our world.

“This world” is solar plexus driven. Our world is heart driven. We must insist on: Our World.

The friction between those states of mind, or worlds, is what causes inner pain, dragged through bushes now on fire.

Well, mystics and seekers have walked on hot coal furnaces before us and so can we. Tricky thing, really, to keep up the detachment while being highly aware and keeping our balance.

That’s the challenge of some collectively grim years ahead.

Paying attention to what’s going on – isn’t the same as identifying with the collective. Far from it – is the state of mind we will need – even though the collective is within an  arm’s length. And we should keep it there, so the souls caught up in it can reach out, when they stir their heads and needs a hand to wake up to an alternative reality. You will be their teacher and their guiding light, it is both your purpose and the hallmark of an empath. Do not abuse that and lead people into acquired helplessness. It just mirrors the control system.

In our precious moments of doubt, also spiritual doubt, since we have come so far that mundane doubt has left our inner realms as to a fair world, to live in peace, privacy, and to trust has long gone down the drain, where it currently belongs.

In our precious moments of doubt, we must turn to: Us.

Take this intensifying change of climate as the wind of change. Trust in the wiseness of that same wind, listen for its whispers that will lead us into a new high-powered synchronicity that is already unfolding.
Read the signs you get and carry on, wounded, shattered, but never battered.

The Light of the Universe understands this, so it seeks to heighten your senses and the flow of synchronicity, well knowing that when we are in fear, we do not hear the calling. Time to calm and accept the inner turmoil. It is our soul realigning with the physical reality it is in. Trust the process. Trust in You.

Observe and prepare your armor and keep your motor running. Something wicked this way cometh.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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