6-Year-Old Girl’s Life Saved by Cannabis Oil

October 4, 2017

News of a six-year-old girl’s life saved by cannabis oil hit headlines across the UK today, turning the public’s attention to the ongoing debates over medical cannabis treatments. The young patient, Jayla Agbonlahor, is in fact the youngest person with legal permission to use cannabis in the UK.

Back in 2015, Jayla’s parents finally received the go-ahead from UK officials to treat their daughter with cannabis oil. But since it’s illegal to purchase cannabis oil in the UK, Jayla’s mother, Louise Bostock, has to buy it from Holland.

Prior to 2015, Bostock received word from her daughter’s doctors that Jayla was likely to die at a young age. Just days after her birth, Jayla was back at the hosital, having stopped breathing. And throughout her infancy, Jayla suffered from frequent, severe seizures.

She had difficulty eating and drinking, and difficulty walking and talking. These conditions led to Jayla’s hospitalization every three to four weeks, according to the Independent.

Because of the seizures, doctors initially thought Jayla was suffering from a rare form of epilepsy. But further tests ruled out epilepsy. Today, young Jayla still lives with an undiagnosed brain condition.

Doctors were unsure what was wrong with Jayla, and traditional treatments were proving ineffective. That’s when Jayla’s mother began researching medical cannabis oil.

When Jayla turned four, Bostock began secretly treating her with cannabis oil. When her child’s doctors found out, they were completely dismayed. What Bostock did, of course, was illegal. But Bostock insisted that Jayla’s condition was improving thanks to the cannabis oil treatments.

According to sources, Jayla was experiencing fewer seizures and even showed improvements eating and sleeping. Nevertheless, Bostock had to submit to a police investigation regarding her illegal administration of cannabis. Marijuana is a “Class-B” drug in the UK.

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