8 Reasons You Are Waking Up Tired

May 10, 2017

We all know that getting up when we don’t want to is no fun. It is a natural feeling for most of us. Yet, waking up tired on a daily basis is different than just not feeling like getting up and getting going. If you wake up feeling exhausted more than not, then it could actually be a problem that you can fix. If you find yourself in this category, then these reasons may strike home and get you back on track.

Waking up to use the bathroom

Also, called Nocturia. The National sleep foundation estimates that 65% of older adults are not getting enough sleep due to having to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night. That’s a lot!

Don’t drink any liquids three hours before bed. This should take care of your bladder by making sure it is empty. Also, don’t drink any soft drinks, tea, coffee, or anything with acids in them during the day. If you do, keep it moderate. These types of drinks make you go more because it irritates the bladder.

Teeth Grinding

You may think, how would that interfere with sleep? Well, when you are sub-consciously grinding your teeth, you are exercising your jaw. If you are moving in your sleep too much, even if it is your jaw, you are not achieving the deep sleep state your body needs. No deep sleep equals feeling tired the next day.

See a dentist. He/she can identify and help you with your unknown habit. If you chew gum a lot, start by getting rid of that habit.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This problem relates to teeth grinding in that you are moving in your sleep and may not know it. If you find yourself “jerking” yourself awake many nights, then you possibly could have this problem.

We all do this sometimes (usually because of our dreams), but some way more than others. See your doctor if you find yourself doing it more so than not.


Snoring sometimes prevents getting the necessary sleep stages. Especially, if you are snoring yourself to an awakened state periodically or having to move in the middle of the night because your partner is shoving you!

You can usually stop snoring by losing weight (5-10 lbs can do wonders), not drinking alcohol before bed, and not sleeping on your back.

Not meaning to scare you but, if you notice you wake up abruptly from snoring, you could have sleep apnea which is very treatable. Yet, it is very dangerous if left untreated. If this concerns you, see a doctor or get your partner (if you have one) to watch you while you sleep. If you stop breathing while snoring, then definitely go see a doctor!

Circadian Rhythm (confusion between night and day)

This can be caused by working night shifts, not having a proper sleep schedule, sleeping with too much light, staring at a bright screen before bed like your phone, tablet, or tv, and even sleeping too late! Pretty much, your body is out of sync and don’t know when it is going to get sleep and how much when it finally does.

Fix these things by doing the opposite and your body will reward you for it. If you work a night shift be sure to stick with your sleep schedule, even on off days. If you are bad about staying up late and having to get up early, get on a sleep schedule where you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Also, you want to fall asleep in darkness (no lights, tv’s, etc.), but not so dark that your body don’t know when day time is! Make sure your windows allow light in so your body knows it is time to get up.

Acid Refux

If you are waking up with bad morning breath, you could unknowingly have acid reflux. Generally, we all wake up with bad breath, but for some people it can be a little more serious and be causing you to lose sleep. Treat yourself for heartburn even though you may not think you have it and see if the bad breath is…. not as bad.


This is fairly common sense. If you are worried about things, then you can’t get the proper rest. How do you cope or get rid of stress? First, try exercising in the morning or evenings. It is the miracle stress reliever! If you can’t exercise, then try anything that soothes you before bed such as a hot bath.

Hitting the Snooze Button

It confuses your sleep stages and is not beneficial. It can actually confuse your body’s normal sequences of sleep which is never a good thing. Instead, set your alarm for 15 min. later and get the extra 15 min. of sleep, non-interrupted. You may not enjoy the temporary bad feeling when you wake up, but it will make you feel more refreshed in the end.

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