A Checklist for the Most Popular Spells People Are Under

August 1, 2017

I don’t care what people say about how people don’t “cast spells” anymore; that simply isn’t true. In fact, I wish we would cut to the chase with all our sophisticated language and call things as they are: people are under spells. They aren’t simply “influenced” or “emotionally traumatized.” That’s nonsense. Spells are real. And there are people who are “spell casters”; in fact, all of us have a bit of the spell-caster in us. Let’s face it; advertisers are professional spell-casters. And there then are politicians… whewie. I don’t intend to get started down that road, tempting though it is. But come on now…we’re in a war and all the reasons why we entered that war have been shown to be erroneous….and so like where are the protests in the streets?

All the spin spell-casters in Washington had to do was drum up some other fictitious reasons for being in Iraq and poof – another spell is cast. But we’ll leave that rest and focus more on the day-to-day ground level spells that seep in subcutaneously over lunch with friends, for example, or while you’re watching television, sitting by yourself all psychically defenseless, only to discover that by the time you wander off to bed you’re feeling awful about yourself, but you don’t know why.

First – what exactly is a “spell”? Back in the medieval days of witches and warlocks and caldrons and wizards and all those great characters who lived in caves and forests, spells – or curses – were “power thoughts” capable of penetrating into the unconscious of an individual, taking control over all conscious thought form. Alchemical potions were often used as conduits or carriers of these “power thoughts”, and we still use this method.

Drugs that engage hallucinations, for example, make the mind very receptive to suggestive thought invasions, as does too much alcohol. So, as you can see, nothing much has changed….except the dates on the calendar. We still use drugs and alcohol to establish moods with people when we want to “get a point across” or “manipulate” our power position over theirs….in other words, when we want to cast a spell. The only things that have changed is that we no longer call it like it is, which (witch) is to say, admit we are about to “cast a spell” on someone and, unlike the witches and alchemists of old, we have indoor plumbing.

So then…which way shall we approach this? With you AS spell caster or you as VICTIM of spells – because it’s intriguing, either way. Let’s begin by examining the most popular spells people are under and see how many hit home with you. Just as a point of interest, absolutely no one is immune from being possessed by a spell – and I mean no one. Spells take hold of your psychic energy: in times of stress; through secret love or sexual fantasies; through emotional vulnerabilities; through extreme fear patterns; through shadow aspects of the personality, such as sadism, addiction, and power fantasies.

A good spell caster, which is to say, someone with a street wise gut instinct and a strong psychic field, can always sense these vulnerable patterns in a person. Another type of person who is a sitting duck for a spell is the archetypal “pleaser”. And of course, any one struggling with low self-esteem may as well paint a target right on their psychic forehead….they are practically defenseless. If people really understood how real spells are, so many social mysteries could be explained that leave people scratching their heads.

For example, I remember when a sexual scandal erupted at a retreat center in New England several years ago. The spiritual leader had been taking advantage of the women and of course, as these stories usually go, the first woman who protested was shunned by the body of the community for slander. Her personal truth was not strong enough to “break through the spell” that had a hold on the collective body of the spiritual community.

The woman suffered miserably for years. Finally other women stepped forward and admitted that they, too, had been sexually abused. Their support broke through the collective spell and eventually caused this “spiritual criminal” to be expelled from the retreat center. I knew many people who were patrons of this retreat center during this time and inevitably the conversations that followed among outsiders included the questions, “How could they let that happen?” and “Why didn’t they believe that poor woman” and “Where they blind? Couldn’t they see his behavior for what it was?”

No, they couldn’t. They were under a spell, the most powerful type of spell – a spell that captures your spiritual envy and competitive juices. That is major league spell casting, especially since no one will admit to having a jealous spirit. People think only their “ego” has a shadow…that is absolute nonsense. Your spirit is capable of becoming seriously infected with “spirit envy” – don’t kid yourself. People who “get near the throne”….whether that is with a guru or a television evangelist or the Papacy or any social or political leader – will turn a blind eye to any behavior in order to protect their access to the throne. That’s how these crimes happen….it always comes down to power, envy, greed, and fear.

Here’s a bit of very, very wise advice: Never, ever use your logical mind to think through a spell. The power of a spell relies upon your using logic to “break” it because you don’t know how else to approach it. For example, here’s a common spell that many people offer as a “child hood wound”, but it’s more than a wound; it is a genuine spell: “You’re just not smart enough to…..” If you want a frustrating day in Earth School, try “talking” someone out of that spell. You can show them a list of what they’ve accomplished so far in their life; you can pull out their grades!

You can have every one sign a document in support of their incredible intelligence. You can go burn a picture of the teacher who told them that. You can threaten to shake them like a rag doll out of frustration and they’ll just look at you as if they’ve just come out of a one hundred year’s slumber party. No form of logic or common sense chatter can break through that thought form because it is a spell that person is under. (About this time, you should be asking if I’m going to tell you how to get out from under spells….I’ll think about it.) Spells are real.

So, here’s a list of high-functioning spells that can render you completely or partially dysfunctional:

Absolutely one of THE leading spells is: “I’m too fat” followed by its twin spell, “I’ll start my new diet and exercise plan tomorrow” and the deeper secret spell, which is, “Actually I don’t want to do anything about it. I want someone else to do something about it for me”. This is indeed a nasty family of spells that are only enhanced by that army of Hollywood anorexics.

“I’ve got to be first.” You can always tell the person possessed by this spell, especially when you’re waiting in line to board an airplane. Amusingly enough, these folks fight to get on board a plane that isn’t going to go anywhere any way until every one is on board, but still they have to be first in line. Beyond that example, however, this little spell is a real psychic free radical that can cause the envy bug to sky rocket in a person. The amount of energy people loose over where they stand in line – literally or symbolically – is positively amazing.

“I’ve got to have things my way.” That’s another nasty spell that can cause more destruction in relationships than can possibly be calculated. I remember asking someone once, “Why do you always have to have things your way? What is it with you?” This guy looked at me and said, “Because I do.” I said, “We got that far in this discussion. I asked you ‘why’ you have to have things your way,” to which this character finally admitted, “Because my contentment is more important to me than any one else’s and I like to win.” There ya go…an honest answer.

“It’s not enough. I can never have enough.” Enough what? For someone under that spell, it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s money, food, possessions, and attention – it doesn’t matter. The “I can never have enough” spell is another wickedly powerful thought form that inspires more crimes than can be counted.

Then there’s the “fault” spell: It’s always “your” fault OR it’s always “their” fault. Always thinking that things are your fault is more than a guilt syndrome; it really is a spell. Somewhere along the line, someone downloaded you with that spell and it stuck. That it causes massive feelings of guilt is a consequence of this very nasty spell. On the other hand, always thinking everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault…and saying so…is spell casting.

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