A Gifted Reading

March 11, 2016

Dear Soren,

I want to thank you again for this reading but actually it is so much more than that.

From the moment I decided to get the reading there was a change within me initiated and the reading has catalysed something to clarify my path.  From the initial warm reading before you looked at my palms, you were spot on.  As of last September when I decided to retire from my job I moved from the US to France, doing a bit of traveling for a few weeks to visit my one son and then some friends.

So finding my passion is another way of expressing that I suppose.  I have had many passions in life, but I have never been able to settle or focus on any one to develop to a greater depth, which has been somewhat frustrating.  I have moved from one thing to another.  One thing has been consistent,however, and that has been to develop my inner compass to the best I can and which I am still pursuing.

So when you said that I am entering a major transition or transit the reding gave med the direction I am aiming for.  Also, the expansion of my creative abilities and expansion of the multi-dimensional landscape or as you call it “the void”.

You also said that I have approached life with intuition and a sense of emotional “maturity” I think is the word you used I can definitely say, yes, to that.  Although, I must admit that I have often had great doubts about whether my intuition was functioning or whether I was just imagining that that is what I was following.  I have been plagued with lack of self confidence, especially in my youth.You also mentioned that I have a strong sensual approach, which I can verify as well.  I feel my way through life, you could say.

I am very connected to the experience of senses and the world around me, particularly when in nature, among plants and animals.  When it comes to people I think I am very empathic, but I have to back off so as not to allow myself to be dragged into their dramas.

You picked up that I have 2 children, and yes, I have 2 daughters both of which live in Europe, which is why I have moved to Europe as well.

There were 2 times when you mentioned a man,once saluting me with a kind of military air perhaps and that could have been my father (which you thought it might be) to whom I felt fairly close.  The other man also had a message of being nearby and maybe could have been my late husband, who died 4 years ago.  I don’t know about that since I have not felt his presence hardly at all since his passing.

When it came to reading the palms, and you started with the timeline of now,

March, that you saw me visiting a sick friend; spot on again.  I am in Texas just now visiting some friends, one of whom has just finished a second or third round of cancer treatment.

You said also that I would clear up an issue with my living place in the spring.  I am in Texas also to deal with my finances so that I can purchase a house when I return next month so that I have my own place to live where I can meditate and garden and not have to follow inane rules of landlords and listen to screaming toddlers living above me. I am not an apartment type person.

This would definitely clear up my living place, in the spring.

Then you got into something very intriguing about shamanism.  Wow! I have been stepping out on faith that I am moving in the right direction now a few times in my life and I would love to be able to engage with the mystical healing aspect.  I guess we’ll see how that unfolds.  The other possible joyful thing you mentioned was that you saw a new life partner in 2017 and that I would be “in love” not only with him, but everything…well who could ask for anything more?  Again, I am hopeful that I plant the right seeds just now.

Well, Soren, I feel awed by what you have given me and I really hope that I can move in the direction you have shown me.  You mentioned several times my healing gifts and my hands as conduits for healing and indeed I have felt this much of my life. However, I have never found the avenue that i felt drawn to seriously or the timing was not right for it.  I don’t know exactly.  There was a time I wanted to work with those who were in hospice at the end of their physical life, but I did not pursue it.  I would still like to do this perhaps.

Some of this “entering the void” has been eluding me up to now and I would like to break through whatever the barrier has been.  You mentioned some past life connections with China and Japan as well and that feels perfect too.  What can I say?  You blew me wide open with this reading.

Thanks. Love


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