A Heart to Heart

March 6, 2019

Early in 2017, I mentioned some changes to the direction of this site, as goes for the external headlines and original content. It was a bit too early then, but now it’s time.

I have been running this site since 2010 and really can’t believe it has been that long. A cliché perhaps: but it seems like yesterday, and it is an interesting and loving journey. But as time passes, we evolve and change, and as this site is a part of me, it has to evolve too. One could ignore that – but that would be the ignorance of a fear of losing readers and along that road. I do not have a fear of change.

As you might know, I have never been a big fan of just posting what everybody else does, since it can be found elsewhere. That is one thing; another thing is that I strongly relate to the phrase: ‘Be your own voice – not an echo.’ Since I was a young boy, this seems to have been the narrative in my life.

I must stay loyal to that Warrior Spirit even though it is challenging. For me Spirituality is about pushing the envelope mostly on the inside and Spirituality is about finding the truth in what often is taken for granted. Scratch it a bit – and it loses its coating and reveals its core.

I am so very grateful that you had staying power for all those years.

Throughout the summer of 2017 and basically until late 2018, I – like many of you – have passed a great void and some are still struggling. I know that from the guidance  people. Such brave souls.
Such passings bring on a lot of pain. Spiritually and physically, since: Light is the Spirit , Dense is The Flesh.

I often get a response to an article that says: ‘Wow, it is like you’re addressing exactly where I am,’ which doesn’t come from people I engage with in readings or guidance but from readers. That is such a beautiful thing for me to experience.

As you also might be aware, it is imperative to me that the original stuff I bring, is based on an experienced spiritual or metaphysical reality rather than theoretical knowledge, which has been and still is the core foundation of this site.

It is equally important to me to use a language as plain as possible. Words are walls, words can be used as barriers and words can be used to boost the ego. I will rather say: ‘This goes for most people’ than I will say: ‘This is the conceptual equivalence of cross culture variables’.

The void mentioned reflects in some of the latest postings:

‘Gratitude’, which is an experienced reality and a state of mind, has grown steadily.

‘Morning in Glory’, which is the way I see nature in a mix of a shamanistic, mystical approach.

‘Wolf’ is a fable and it deals with the Tao: ‘Stop governing the World and the World will govern itself’. It deals with what people demand of the Matrix and it deals with fear of freedom. It describes the metaphysical and shamanistic approach to a living mystical wisdom of nature and the ability to plug into that: When we do that we Wise Up which, again, was the essence of: ‘Gratitude’.

So, dear fellow traveler, I hope you will bear with me as I make my way and try out different forms of writing that would be descriptive of an embedded mystical approach towards self-empowerment and self-knowledge. Maybe the time has come to find our roots again that would connect with what seems to have been forgotten, or they have been ‘industrialized’ and watered down by separating them from their pure core.

I hope that we can do that.

The true potential we have is to strive for freedom and mostly having the courage to do so ourselves, should be what we are trying to build instead of newer and fancier/sophisticated rooms of spiritual confinement.
Everybody wants freedom to express themselves in a world gone mad in political correctness, which is a joke – since political correctness is political incorrectness. Men can’t be masculine, women can’t be feminine anymore, and everybody who is capable of collective self-victimization is headline news in a society that long ago has lost its composure.

It brings me great sadness to see that this narrative is also alive and well and kicking in the spiritual segment, with all its do’s and don’ts, and I frankly think my time hammering that trend has come to its end. It has become so distorted and is like the phrase: ‘I fought against the bottle – but I had to do it drunk’ (Leonard Cohen).

So, let’s get ‘drunk’ while sobering up.
Thank you for being here every day – for that I am truly grateful.


More practical: The webmaster and I have done a lot of nerdy stuff behind the scenes and it has been a bit time consuming. Mostly around privacy for visitors, security and DNS issues.

The change I mentioned at the beginning of ’17 in terms of the external headlines will take place now, which means that there might not be postings every day. The influx of audios will have to wait a bit due to too much ambient noise (Spain is noisy).

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