A Magical Healing Journey

June 3, 2015

I got this beautiful and most interesting feedback on the Healings.
The text has not been edited in any way.

Day 1

I am filled with the energy of a warrior prior to lying down for my first session.

You came  in, Soren, as a comet..great speed, white energy.  With powerful, precise movements, you fought and destroyed the ufos which were flying around chaotically in my space. It was like watching Star Wars.  We were under a large dome, you said the space had to be cleared in order to start the healing.

You then spread out in the ether above me..very big energy and began to work on my left hip which for no apparent reason had begun to give me trouble..in pain and limping. There was an awareness of what the pain was about and I did my personal work.  More of balancing out my hips.

I saw the lineage of healers behind you Soren, as you worked..

A big quest for myself has been to find my new home …I was shown a portal in the top of the dome. Looking through it, I could see a beautiful, blue landscape…that would be my new home but first there were a few completions which had to take place…a complete letting go of my past.

So, for example, I forgave one person and thanked her for the reason we had been brought together and another person I needed to express anger with. I saw my father, who passed away 18 yrs. ago, his dark  body was placed on a funeral pyre and burned as is the custom in India. Purification by fire.

A deep healing took place with my mother, whom I loved dearly, but had felt deserted me when I made myself known and expressed my spiritual beliefs which were not what she had planned for me. I saw her outer body, very colorful and creative as she was and she deflated herself so she could enter my body.  I was now my mother inside me so there no  longer was the deep longing for her outside of me. Is was then directed to my breast to do some healing with mothers and motherhood.

I saw my brother (whom I had given a bone marrow transplant to ..He did not survive).  He told me he did not hold me responsible for his death.

All of this was about letting go of the people in my life, allowing them to experience their journey without interference by protecting them or taking responsibility for them.  Something which has been hard for me.

A year ago I took a hit disguised as an accident.  I slipped in the bath taking a shower, grabbed for the shower curtain, the shower rod came down and I literally went flying out of the tub, landing full force on my right side on the tile floor.

I have experienced times of extreme pain in my shoulder and arm and have been worked on multiple times by chiropractors with no lasting results.  You stood back and instructed me to heal my shoulder myself..an act of encouraging me to once again strengthen my confidence in what I can do…which is heal. Today I can say it is 85% better and I’m sure it will heal fully in time.

Day 2

We were in what appeared to be a surgery amphitheater.  Again the same theme of standing back and encouraging me to heal myself.  ‘Fight for myself’ as per your post.

I experienced  a significant boost in awareness of my sense of smell and sound vibrations. Traveling on public transit later in the day, I found myself aware of how a person’s voice creates or perpetuates their body (over simplification)…and walking around the city, I was amazed at how we survive the cacophony of sound..so many people unconsciously babbling like robots…antidote  …SILENCE.

Day 3

A beanstalk appear and I was brought to the top.  The experience was like looking in a 3d viewfinder I had as a child..looking down from the top of the beanstalk miles below (Jack and the Beanstalk) very magical!!  The purpose of the beanstalk was to rise above.

Much grief today and the final completion around missing a mother, my mother.

In relation to fear and stiffness, I was taken back to my early childhood in China…myself, my brother and parents spent one year in what was similar to house arrest but not really.  This was the first year of the Communist revolution and we lived in a house in a walled compound…the police station was situated right next door.  Our every move was watched constantly and my father was continually being brought in for lengthy interrogations.  My mother was American and my father British.  Because of my mother’s birth place, the Communists were reluctant to start an overt incident.

However, they made it easy for us to provoke a reason to destroy us. They came in the windows anytime they wanted and constantly presented us with subtle threats. We did eventually escape.

In my childhood recollections I don’t consciously remember the fear that I was constantly subjected to but I was shown today. I experienced myself as a 4 yr. old in my little bed with my parents trying to protect me.

Until the age of 12 I randomly had the experience at night of entering into an altered state of consciousness…another dimension.

It was terrifying….My spine became very stiff, I’d be crying as my mother sat by me trying to comfort me. She was not solid, she was a transparent golden light so there was nothing solid to touch.  I was always in a large house with many doors and I couldn’t find the door to get out.

A dog suddenly barks outside the apartment where I am staying..

Day 5

You came in gently today with humor.

The message for me was that I, with my sensitivity, am like a sponge. The instructions were to open up the pores of the sponge and let go of all I take on.  I can’t do that anymore…I need more protection.

Knights appeared at the door of the room where I lay and more gathered around me.

Another message, ‘It’s time to take up the sword, you can hang back no longer’. I opened my right hand and held it up as my arm was being strengthened .  More instructions…In order to receive the sword, it must be connected to my heart.

Birds began to chirp wildly out my apartment window.  I followed their song down an exquisitely beautiful track, somewhat like the rabbit hole.  They are our healers. I reflected on how it could be possible that many people miss  the portal of the bird’s song.  It is everywhere.

I accept the sword, I accept the front lines.  There is nowhere else for me to go now.

Experienced myself stretched out on a very long boat, crossing a body of water and then a  great internal pressure as I aligned to the power within to create what I want..the last shreds of self doubt have to go.  I sense Love is about to come over me once again, like a warm tropical breeze and an invitation to dance.

I accept.

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