A Man and his Donkey

May 23, 2020

Usually this kind of news does not get much attention. It is in a way anti news.
I am looking forward to that fine day, where such a story is Top News.
It is about love and caring.
There has been a lot of ‘scientific news’ about animals and emotional intelligence.
Donkeys have been and still are seen as a ‘low class’ horse, a stupid beast, often brutally and poorly treated, even though donkeys, maybe more than any other animal on this planet, helped carry the burdens of man throughout history and still do.
– SD

Heartwarming moment man and pet donkey cry as they are reunited following COVID-19 lockdown in Spain

This is the heartwarming moment a tearful man was reunited with his pet donkey after two months without seeing each other during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown. 

Ismael Fernández could not wait any longer to visit the family farm in Malaga earlier this week after the local government eased Covid-19 restrictions. 

It meant that the 38-year-old would not only get to see his brother, but also his beloved female pet donkey Baldomera. 

Tear-jerking footage shows the two friends coming face-to-face for the first time – with Ismael breaking down in tears and Baldomera braying loudly. 

Ismael had no idea how Baldomera would react upon seeing him and recorded the moment he approached the fenced-off area at the farm in El Borge.

Baldomera is seen in the video slowly trotting toward Fernández, who subsequently stroked her furry head while asking her where she had been.

Ismael soon started to well up and sobbed behind the camera as Baldomera started braying.

‘I am not ashamed that you hear me cry because here is one of the most unconditional demonstrations of love that exist,’ Fernández wrote on a Facebook post that included a selfie of him and the donkey. 

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