A Remarkable Recovery

August 15, 2013

Hi Soren,

OMG what a blockbuster today’s session was….having a hard time containing myself.

Firstly, words cannot express my gratitude to you Soren …you are an amazing wonder…..and no need to respond to this email.

On day one, I initially experienced and saw myself being put into a dome like machine (for lack of a better description) which I knew was scanning my energy system.

I saw you initially at my feet and also saw the  long line or lineage of healers
you come from (extending behind you).. I also saw in this session you standing beside Stuart…like brothers, each unique /complimentary and on the same level…… Then there were more beings besides yourself looking down at my energy field.
My body started to buzz and tingle.

I saw a lot of old layers like layers of linoleum that had melded together over time on my body, preventing movement and fresh breath.  I watched as you gently worked at prying these layers lose.

One very cool aspect of this session (and all of them) is that I feel I am receiving  instructions on how to expand upon my intuitive healing abilities.  I am aware of everything that is going on and often asked to participate as in ‘Show me where etc.’
I have been working like a maniac since our session in late January, trying to pull in some of the things you mentioned and it has just seemed so hard.
I know now that this healing course is the portal  I have been looking for.

As a result of the work done in the first session, I noticed yesterday that my lower back has relaxed and opened up so that it now lays very  close to flat as I  lay on my back.  I have pictures of myself at 8 yrs.  with a hyper extended lower back…it had been getting  worse as i got older…and created many problems for me

So, this improvement is remarkable! I know what is possible…a few years ago, when I was doing the O’Rem training w. Stuart in Florida, his comment was…body of a 20 yr. old but stiff.  I went into a trance at some point and experienced my body being like water…not shred of stiffness, it was the most amazingly beautiful body sensation.  It did not last though when I came out of the trance…now I feel I can more successfully work towards that place.

Day 3

On entry into today, I  was instructed that you were going to do some draining of old ‘water’ with stored memories from my lymph system/upper body.

Then I found myself  entering   into a few important relationships in my life, where as a result of certain  events which took place I was left feeling rejected, not perfect enough , totally unloved, ….and sad.

I saw how much I was loved and how I had separated from the Divine by the feelings I had about myself…

So I then moved to a biggy, which I was told might be one of the major causes of my autoimmune condition.  A very amazing relationship.35 yrs ago in NYC..brief but amazing…and one that could never be forever…and this man who I felt rejected by took me in his arms and said he would keep holding me until I was complete w. the integration, letting go of the grieving.

That was so miraculous, I can’t tell you.

There has always been much work done on my arms in the sessions thus far.
When I was 34 I gave a bone marrow transplant for my brother (he did not survive).  Transplants in those days were still in the initial stages of scientific development.  ..250 suctchers to take out 1/3 of my bone marrow …many had to go into my heart chakra, the breastbone.

Today,  my left arm became very energized, lots of energy moving out my hand and then I watched in amazement as my left hand morphed into an eagle’s talon and I gradually morphed into an eagle…utterly amazing…a traumatic life experience had been transformed into a strength.

Now, a few hrs. later, I am beginning to feel a lightness and a sense of  well being that I haven’t felt for a very  long time.  It is unbelievable and I know only the beginning.


K – New York


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