A State of Everythingness – Part II

October 29, 2018

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First of all: Thank you for the great response to the first post on this subject.

Some write that it’s a little hard to grasp and I agree, since Inner Alchemy / Transcendence can be very hard to pin down in words via the intellect because such experiences mostly are Wordless in their nature and they involve all vehicles we have; the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual body.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to go more into it.

The Field of Emptiness:

When I talk of ‘Emptiness’ I only refer to Quantum Physics – science. But it is not only science that has experienced that field of emptiness.

Rishis and Mystics, mostly ancient, have experienced that field long before science ever knew about the Quantum field. Not only have they seen it, as I wrote: They taught themselves how to use that field. As an example, Yoganada describes nuns in Germany bringing him his evening tea by entering through the walls.

Mystics have moved through that field from place to place. Being in Calcutta, they would manifest in Johannesburg in the blink of an eye. Today we (maybe) are able to do the same via lucid dreaming. There are many people who have experienced somebody calling them in the morning and saying: Where you here last night? I saw you as clear as daylight.

That field of Emptiness at a Quantum level is, as I wrote, often the explanation to healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing and such.

The background being an Experienced relationship with that field of emptiness and the ability to tap into it or transcend it.

It’s Quantum Physics and not like feeling empty or the absence of ideas and such. It is a Physical and Metaphysical reality. And we need more of that bridge-building between measurable reality and subjective experienced reality.

The Field of Nothingness:

Nothingness has become a buzzword, used widely. In a post today, it is used to describe the desert. Hence: Put into physical reality. Very cool, but it is far from the same quality that lies within the Spiritual/Metaphysical meaning of the word.

In my interpretation of Nothingness, I see it as a way of detaching. Again: In this world but not of it.

All good. It is not the final destination but it sure is ‘getting there’. Nothingness surfs on the quality of: Absence, conscious absence that is. All good. But it is as illogical as Japanese Suicide Pilots wearing helmets, because there is no such thing as nothingness, when we add the concept to our understanding of Emptiness as mentioned in the first post, since Nothing is Empty.

That is my point.

The field of Everythingness:

The field of Everythingness is the metaphysics of understanding, as an experienced state of mind, like the nuns, that We are everything and observing Everything without any inner movement or disturbances of feels and thoughts. If we have them – we become self-conscious and that takes the construct of Everythingness down in an instant.

Everythingness takes us away from all mundane: away from mind, emotions and body, and if we can do that: We enter the State of Everythingness. Being connected with All celestial and Mundane while being disconnected from All.

No Ego, No Body, No Mind.

When we get there, we can choose to: Be in This Universe and Not of It.

In that state we will have the ability to move freely between: Being in this but not of it and effortlessly move into the field of: Being in this world and of it.

The latter we will have to experience when we think things get unfair, evil, dark in the Matrix. We will use our Spiritual Warrior Soul and retreat to: Being in this world but not of it as our safe haven.

Too often Spirituality advocates that we should not interfere in the struggle for a better world.

This ride we are on is not a free ride and who can sit back and observe injustice on any level and make a Spiritual Virtue out of it?

The battles we engage in show our purpose since we do not intend to let things slide by us if we came here to change them or take a stand. We do this both in our private lives and in the Collective.

Giving the Celestial some gravity has never been a bad undertaking.

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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