About Soren

by Soren Dreier

Soren Dreier is a natural intuitive.

After graduation he studied photography, and started writing. He published his first two books at age 22, which were collections of poetry. Soren then began studying philosophy at the university level but soon became dissatisfied.
He switched his education focus to child psychology. After graduation he was placed in charge of two large institutions for the mentally and physically disabled.

After five years of working in child psychology, Soren took a break from his work and traveled to India to engage in study of philosophy and spirituality. He lived in Greece for two years, engaging in study and experiencing the Christian mystics.

When Soren returned, he opened the first holistic treatment center for girls exposed to incest, and he continued his education as a family therapist. This work continued for several years.

In 90s Soren took a turn. He began holding seminars on clairvoyance and intuition, numerology, palmistry and Taoism, conducting more than 500 speaking engagements and 50 weekend seminars, drawing crowds of up to 3000 people.

Soren’s success brought him an invitation to do a Television show where he discussed a range of topics with guests and gave readings on people live on TV. He also created his own TV show in the late evening discussing spiritual topics with invited guests and giving them readings.

Soren was writing during this time as well, publishing two books on spirituality, and editing for two Danish magazines on spiritual topics. Alongside that he opened a school for his own method of healing in which he trained professional therapists.

In year 2000 Soren withdrew pertly from public appearances and created a website focused on spirituality and guidance. Between 2000 and 2008 he began to give private seminars for high end business professionals, coaching them on such subjects as company spirit, motivation of leadership and so on.

Around 2011 Soren decided to focus on his website, where he offers information of a spiritual nature, including his own writings. He also coaches individuals and provides guidance to clients across the globe. An important part of his current practice is readings and remote energy healing.

In 2014 Soren moved to Spain where he currently lives.
Soren is the father of two children.

(Soren is not in any way on Social Media)