After The Storm – Be The Wind

March 20, 2021

A thing that doesn’t make the crossing of the gap between being in the Matrix Of Things and finding our Authentic Ancient Selves, is the non-biological beings, some lurking to catch a prey, others to welcome the soul that’s in for the transformation.

People often say that disengaging the System feels like dying.

When we are in such a significant zone of vulnerability, we are often weakened by the people insisting that we have changed for the worse. They like us to feel, think and react as they know it. That weakening takes its toll in a situation where we really do not have much strength, especially emotional strength, and that is what we have to pull on when we are in these processes.

The strength comes when we have passed the gap and we are stronger than ever.

The non-biological beings see the weakening as they see the others we have during our life. Some are there to heal the person (Angelic) and some are there to use the person and take a strong foothold within our energetic systems (Ghouls). Solar plexus and the hara area are the ones most targeted, since they both deal with power: Power in its Matrix form aka having power over others, that can be emotional, intellectual or physical power such as money, and so on.

There are the Grays, Worms (Morphing tubes), and the whole package of troubles.

They are not that difficult to spot, since they often don’t try to deceive; they come on to you from the astral to try and prevent you from proceeding, using fear in order to spook you back. If that doesn’t work, they will try to attack, and the parasitic worms are the worst. I deal with them very often in healings and when they are finally pulled out it is of course a great relief to the person attacked by them. They will suck you dry in the physical and the astral. That is often the metaphysical reason that people who embark and set out become so very, very tired deep into their core.

As crossing the gap isn’t done within the blink of an eye, my advice would be when you go into your self-examination, which we often do, to become very self-observant and self-registering. It is a good idea at this point in the process, but will be counterproductive in the long run, where it shifts to Self-Attention, which I see as a very healthy thing.

From this point of self-observance, do not rule out the possibility that you have been targeted also by those beings, and take some time cleanse yourself emotionally: Is there too much hate in your system, and is it getting worse – is a good sign. It should be taken down.

Is there too much resentment in your field, not towards the Matrix, because there would be that, but toward people you have close and systems of belief, especially the non-judgmental ones and the non-controlling ones. If there is, that is a good sign that your energetic system has been infiltrated.

What to do:

Step out of these emotions, since they are infected by the ransomware of the dark side.

Remember: Taking the Red Pill will make us question everything. And that is really good, do not get me wrong, but we have an identity constructed around our positives and negatives long before we go into this, it is called programming, self-imposed or imposed from the outside, and the whole concept is stepping out of that.

It is by far the most vulnerable process in our lives, and that is why we are not at our full emotional strength, and that is why we may feel like sitting ducks. If we feel like it – we are.

What complicates things further, and I have said it very often, is that: These processes are not one size fits all and don’t apply to all who wake up on the spiritual awakening floor. Those who say they are the same, well…… But, of course there are similarities.

The next beings that will show interest in you will be from the etheric sphere.

Usually I see mostly good things there but there are tricksters.

The etheric is more advanced than the astral and here we have the beings with really good intentions, and other beings that cloak up in a coat of good intentions and hide under a variety of appearences, but are metaphysical wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Here you have to be alert when you enter the metaphysical Gift department.

These beings will often communicate with you and if you are perceptive to that you are in a field of not so much talking but telepathy and vision based contact.

They will offer you stuff.

It makes no sense telling people as some do: All is problematic and do not accept any. It’s far from it. Trust your intuition and your own feel of it!
I have never spoken of these gifts before since I experience them as sacred, as for the gifts you would really appreciate. Also, because if one mentions them, it becomes an expectation and as said: We do not experience the same. So, I will just mention a few classics.

A being of the light, angelic like, might come to you with a Walking Cane.

The cane is of great help and value, since it will strengthen you and guide you on your journey. Much like the relief a blind person would get, if he had none.

Often you have to place these things in your body, the etheric body, and the cane goes there. When you get it you will know where to put it. I will not mention that out of respect for the power of suggestion.

Healing stone, basically the same. The rosary, basically the same.

Avoid anybody or anything that promises you grandness, specialness, holiness, or the gifts that will boost that. The rosary mentioned is not tied into Christianity but is a meditation device with some cool skills.

Then we have the in-betweens, the witches, sorcerer and in that department.

They are usually not mean unless they can seduce you into willful compliance or you find them and their tricks fascinating. Then they are no fun. I have seen them, and some people I worked with in healings and guidance have been snared by them. The situation is solvable, but it can be a long process and it drains both the healer and the victim to the bone.

To conclude this, I will just say:

Coming over the gap is the most weary and beautiful of all journeys we can take in the flesh. It is also the most important one since it is life altering of course, but it is so much more than that. It is rebirth while being alive and just like our biological birth, a hard one. Blood, pain, agony and then:

The Greatest Gift of Them all: Awake!

© 2021 Soren Dreier – Services

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