Algol & The Sacrificial Goat

December 27, 2020

December 21st 2020; longest day of the year, Saturn moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, Jupiter moves into Capricorn, and while these massive transitions are occurring, Saturn and Jupiter are in a highly visible conjunction in the night sky, blazing like some portentous nativity pseudo-star.

The Capi’s amongst us have, over the last three years, been taking this journey willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously. Some of us have been dragged through the bushes backwards, some have undertaken a Zen walk, some have taken a deep Plutonic and Chironic dive into the dark depths of the persona. Whether we realise it or not, we have been forged into something new.

The astrology wisdom keepers have given us a great gift. They have painted a mural of symbols in the sky. These symbols can be read as powerful archetypes that provide structure and coherence for the planetary human’s psyche. They provide a narrative of transformational processes that map out birth, death and what happens between – for individuals, businesses, nations – any entity that can be said to have come into expression in the real.

These archetypes provide a portal to our connection with the Earth, Moon, Sun, planets and stars – in short our galactic home. This galaxy is our home, it provides us with the means of expression in physicality. We are undeniably galactic beings. And being a planetary Human is one aspect of this beautiful potentiality.

Scrying in the mirror of Capricorn, it is easy to see and feel the effects of Saturn on the wider world over the last three years. Things have come to a head in so many ways. We are at a critical juncture and the threat/promise of a great “reset” hangs over our heads as if we are waiting for the noose or the blade to drop.

The inorganic entities would have us and all future children “reset” in a way that conforms to their projection of what an inorganic human should look like. Separation from our prime, organic selves and source is central to this nightmare. Loss of our individual divine and sacred natures in return for hive membership. This process involves our literal and metaphorical decapitation. We are deprived of our own divine connection with the logos – the divine mind. We are deprived of our own thoughts. And we are deprived of our freedoms, choices and autonomy.

The individual and collective hierarchical control systems of the hive mind are certainly Saturnian, Capricornian and Aquarian in nature. However, this act of decapitation and loss of individual will speaks of the fixed star Algol. It is the star of hanging and decapitation. Things come to a head, and then the head is removed from the body. Thought and the so-called higher processes are separated from the body. The French revolution comes to mind, those individuals found to be harbouring incorrect thinking or beliefs had their heads quickly and efficiently separated from their bodies. This blood sacrifice is congruent with the Saturnian father sacrificing his children to a “higher power” which most times is just a naked rationalisation for murder and abuse. 

The Algol archetype is deserving of a much more nuanced reading. To simply interpret it as pure malevolent evil, is tantamount to superstition. Algol is an archetype of artistic inspiration and musical composition. It can support the workings undertaken by our sacred crowns – our minds, our emotions, our thoughts and our dreaming. Algol supports the workings of the deep unconscious aspects of our minds, and this is where it has gained such a dark reputation. Human beings are so degraded that we have virtually no understanding, let alone control of our psyches. T

he modern Western person has no real or useful connection with, or understanding of, their own psyches. We huddle in terror around our digital campfires, lit by the spectral glow of our screens, immersed in a cognitively entrained nightmare scripted by others. We have become passive and powerless to confront let alone see what is actually going on within us and around us.

It is this lack of understanding of the existence of psycho-spiritual inner and outer worlds that Algol speaks of – if we let it. This understanding of the deeper aspects of our own beings is meant to be functional, integrated and efficacious. Sadly, we are a long way from experiencing and exploring the wonder that is our true selves. Will we let ourselves be decapitated (lose our heads)? Will we let ourselves be imprisoned in our heads? Or will we take control of our divine gifts – our minded-ness, our dreaming, our creativity, our artistry, our eloquence and our song?

Things are coming to a head. Things have come to a head. We have a choice – the degrading loss of our humanity or the joyful expression of our sovereignty. Our mind-work can lead us to ruin or to wonder. It can be as simple as what we choose to believe in. Money is a spell, a belief that controls all human activity on the face of the planet. We are in a nightmarish fugue state worked by a piece of black magic, a spell, a belief, a thought. That money spell has come to the end of its working, and we are seeing attempts to “reset” it. This old dark spell has come to a head, and our blood is required for the ritual sacrifice that is the “reset”. A scape goat is required.

Decapitation separates mind/brain from earth/body. It literally cuts off our  inner workings from coming into realisation in outer physicality. This potential separation between creativity and its earthly expression is rendered by Algol’s position at 26/27 degrees Taurus. Taurus speaks to earthly empowerment, expression and enrichment. 

There are rewards to be had for our head-work; our dreaming, our artistry, our imagination, or simply our dedication to an ideal. Our dedication to practically supporting our families and our loved ones is consequently very Taurian and Algolic.

The separation of Human Beings from the earthly rewards and recompense for their work is a form of decapitation. In the same way the yoke is used to harness and control the work of the oxen, and to separate them from the rewards of their work. The yoke is set upon the head and shoulders of the bull, the ox. It is the perfect picture of the dark aspect of Algol in Taurus. Our entire planet is currently enslaved in the yoke. 

The Algol archetype is much deeper and richer than this polarised, binary nightmare. An examination of the Sabian Symbol for 27 Degrees Taurus offers plenty of scope for a more balanced, expansive and deeper view of things.

The following four different Sabian systems all speak of the same archetypal processes, albeit in very different ways.

Wheeler: “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passersby.”

The degradation of indigenous cultures is clear. On a deeper level we can see the deep spirituality of the Indigenous Woman’s culture – her inner world is so much more than her outer world in this dark moment.

Churabdel: “A dark cloud passing over a part of the earth. This cloud is charged with elemental shapes, most hideous and repulsive.”

This speaks to an occult blocking of seeing. The dark, denied and repressed aspects only become manageable when third eye vision is restored. 

Belloni: “An alchemist at work in his laboratory; upon his table is much gold.”

This couldn’t be more beautiful – the Human being as shapeshifter, transforms and transmutes all that it finds into its purest form. The shadow is simply material for the forge.

Kozminski: “An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.”

A clear and positive image of the artist-inventor-creator in total synchrony with their mind-work coming into physical expression. Will their work be rewarded?

In this moment in current history what can we take from the Algol Archetype? It is time for us to reconnect with our divine selves in thought, dreaming, imagination, artistry and creativity. It is time to reconnect this divine dreaming with embodied expression in the earthly physical plane. And lastly, it is time for us to reclaim the benefits, the value, the wealth that our work generates – in all shapes, manner and form.

We are sacred and divine beings, and we are dreaming ourselves into sacred and divine expression. This nightmare is such a small part of the totality – we do not have to let it dominate or take control. We simply need to awaken to ourselves.

© Murray Hill 

Dec 22 2020

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