All Things Wicked… Revisited

January 22, 2021

Originally posted March 3.2020

In 2020 On All Cylinders and Last Train to Wuhan, I wrote about the manufactured collective fear that is growing day by day. It hasn’t reached its peak yet, by any means and things are moving as predicted.

It’s fair to talk about an obesity epidemic among the non-biological beings feeding on fear. I will use the term for those: Ghouls, in its broadest definition. These ghouls are in a synchronistic loop with their masters, the non-biological entities that are seen metaphysically and live between the heavens where great battles are fought between the forces of light and forces of evil.
For the sake of clarity: I am not talking about interstellar starships and such.

The Italian Mystic, Scientist Giordano Bruno,  talks about the Spaces between the heavens. They can be experienced by going into them in meditation, seeing them in visions, others in Out of Body experiences. Some go there when they sleep and fight along the forces of good and some go and fight along the forces of evil. 

In order to manifest their will and keep their life-force running, the dark side have to have people in carne, in the flesh, to promote their agenda.

The people we know as: Psychopaths, Narcissists extreme, soulless beings, and just plain evil sub-humans that serve the darkness. That serving is a loop of energy and right now, they see an opening because their manufactured fear is being plugged into by billions of people.

That is the most powerful influx of collective fear we have witnessed since 9/11, as mentioned before. 

It is again transforming society into a fear factory, but this holds no precedence as goes for Society, The Matrix, or whatever we call it. I now use: The System Of Fear, since I would like to make people aware that it is what they are living in. It has never been clearer and people are not blind but maybe don’t see that well.
Ghouls, both incarnated and the nonbiological, are growing in numbers and strength.

So, what can we do to stay out of this System Of Fear Ghoul Apocalypse?

We often feel that a simple answer to that is useless, and if it’s complicated, it’s not useless.
It apparently has to be complicated, since we often perceive ourselves as complicated, emotionally and intellectually. Sometimes we are, sometimes our lives are – but that is often the perspective if we do not understand life and our interaction with it, our role in it, and we have strayed from our Dharma (purpose) and our place in this world.

The true and simple answer is: In order to step out of The System of Fear, we need to have no fear!
And we very well know that is observing it and not identifying with it. Most of us can do that – so there is hope, staying power, and the will to see this through and not get disrupted in our Celestial core.
Do not give them that victory, since the road back is long and weary.
We have come so far, not in order to be dragged back and that is also what they want.
People without fear is useless to them, and therefore, especially now, we have to watch our steps.

I thought the corona hysteria had reached me. Gosh.

I said to a couple of people, I don’t think I will be traveling this spring.
I have speaking engagements and usually I will go and visit my kids.
I am not in any way concerned of getting the flu, even with a touch of Corona. What bothered me was the possibility of being caught up in the hysteria as collateral damage.
Being locked down in a plane, hotel, or city if somebody should produce a minor sneeze or a cough and the System shows up, guns loaded, Hazmat Suits, ‘Chinese Take Away’ Version 2.0 and whatnot.

It is not fear –  it’s self-preserving – and my freedom loving soul would go warrior on them and that, for what it is right now, is going up against a force that I have no interest in taking on. They would only throw you and me into a dark hole and lose the key.

A friend asked me: How can these entities prey on fear?

I said, you get charged with joy, love, and happiness walking through a playground of toddlers and you feel uplifted.
That’s being human. That shows you the frequency of innocence and joy and how it creates and gives nourishment on a heart level.
The non-biological beings of the Angelic realms are often found hovering around and descending in such places. The forces of light are attracted to light and vice versa.

The same things go for the ghouls.
They seek out places of pain, suffering, struggling, complaints, and so on, and the favorite dish is fear. The dynamic is similar. They get charged both those in the physical and those that are non-physical.
Simple, basic – not complicated.

What we need to contemplate, hence the example of me not flying or foreseeing that, is not to go where we can get in harm’s way. Do not be a sitting duck for collateral damage.

Protect yourself from this growing field of pure fear and hereby pure evil. Whenever somebody or something is trying to push The Fear of God into you, get out of that situation. Go illusive and walk away.

Practice this self-protection I wrote about in Metaphysical Attacks  around the clock, keep it up.

Use Lavender Oil to protect yourself. Apply some drops to your hair every day, the ghouls roaming the streets looking for a shoulder to sit on will be repelled by that. Use this Sutra if you become insecure and feel that you are losing your spiritual cool: “I stand in the Light and I will not fall prey to the Darkness of Fear.”

God, no, we will not stray from that. We can’t.
We can’t afford to be low hanging fruits for the System of Fear to hijack. We cannot let it into our energetical field. We have too much to lose and we didn’t come all this way within ourselves and the environment of trust and love we all have created or are creating, just to let it crumble and be torn down by the System Of Fear demolition crew.

‘Be in this world but not of it’ is the best repellant of them all.
Assess what you see as Collateral damage and be intelligent, not fearful about it.

We wouldn’t run a Marathon if we have difficulty in running a mile without losing our breath. Simple.
We would not swim if the sea were in turmoil. The safest place to be would be on the beach and wait until the waves settled.

The old Fox and the Lake:
An old Fox crossing a frozen lake knows not to jump when it reaches the shore. It knows it should proceed with caution, since the possibility of the ice breaking is still an option.

Be like the fox.
The frequency of fear is covering the planet like a fog. Like heavy snow covers the fertile soil.

We have to use all of our skills now to catch what we see as our nourishment.
We have to dive deep to find it right now, and all things wicked has only just begun.
This is its final moment – after that we will prevail.

Be safe. Guard your energy. Use your skillset.

Much Love

©2020/21 Soren Dreier – Services

All Things Wicked II


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