All Things Wicked…Part II – Revisited

January 22, 2021

Originally posted March 6.2020

First: I am very grateful for the reactions to All Things Wicked…so I´ll stay a bit on topic.

Traveling through times of challenges, our souls can’t be trapped anymore into a life of fear. The underlying effect of that bravery is the breaking free of “trust me, I am your safety”: We know we can’t trust them, never could, so why now?

Amazingly, all their surveillance and bureaucratic interference in the smallest aspects of our lives. Every day, it reaches new heights and with the designed influx of a virus, maybe they will succeed a bit, taking down our rights one infected at a time.

It brings both sadness and joy that we can see through that and as mentioned, we have to be careful, since we now are up against circumstances that can put us in a situation of entrapment.

It brings sadness on behalf of the people involved and to see that we ourselves once were blind to this design. It brings sadness to see populations being taken hostage in the “stay in your seat and don’t ask questions” fear agenda. We can recognize the System of Fear into daily details and the very primitive way it works. Pushing people into herd mentality, lowering their energy so the Ghouls can feed. Fear Battery Earth.

We more than ever have to align ourselves to our spiritual core and this is a very good test: Does it have that strong foundation that will shield us first of all: Psychologically. Since this is psychological warfare.

We once again have to call upon the feel and touch of the Celestial in its purest form as: The Unconditional Love from Above.

In awakened spirituality, and the road is still long, the perceptions we have on what is going on in this world can only lead to one place – humility. Not intellectual or emotional arrogance as: I know it all. We know only fractions still.

But, all of us have a: Near Life Experience, by stepping out of the herd mentality and realizing we have to say our truth even though we have to go “Loner” and we will soon see, meet, feel, discover the other “Loners,” and suddenly we are a pack of wolves and can provide a counter measure that is now enforced by the Great Synchronicity In The Sky.
That is where we align with the forces in the Space (Heavens) between the Heavens.

Humbleness toward that Near Life Experience: It should be humbling, not self-promoting, nothing to brag about. A Mystic knows when not to use his or her powers, when not to say anything, when: No response is the best response. That is the gathering inside of things Celestial and things Mundane, us, in the flesh.

When we know we know.

Somehow, The System just became too obvious – if it hadn’t been that obvious before.

And yet “We the Unwanted” keep on insisting on rising as unpopular plants making it upward to catch the rays of the sun dimmed by high altitude chemtrailing airplanes; insisting on growth, life, and realization.

Every one of us who has broken through whatever spell of illusion that the System pulled before our weary eyes knows that it came with a price.  We need to contemplate on the personal suffering in the process of detachment. Did it come with a cost? Status, Finances, Loss of Friends, Loss of Identity, The Points of No Return.

Our consciousness can’t expand in fear.
Our senses becomes dull  in constant fear.
Our pineal gland shuts down.
Our self-conduct shuts down into herd mentality.
… and they know that.

Should someone say in the Matrix of Things: Hey, look I think that dog is in cahoots with the shepherd, he will get outcasted. You do not make friends here – you make enemies, not because you want to, but you have become a threat.

If you step out, they will tell you that a terrifying void will open at the tip of your toes. We now know – there is no terrifying Void and people who know that out of experience are dangerous to them.

The cross-over Gatekeeper says: ‘Searching for a Near Life Experience will give you Hell on this Earth’ and that should be enough to stay away from it, but the levees broke some time ago, and the soul’s yearning for light, explanation, purpose cannot be contained or intimidated anymore.

Fellow Pilgrim: In solitude, we find our Near Life Experience, if we understand that solitude is not even close to the feeling of being isolated or alone in this world. The souls that have gone through this will find you – or you will find them often by unexpected synchronicity. They might throw in a rope woven in the fabric of Empathy: Empathy cannot be controlling.

The Clarity of the moment of pulling out and detaching, do not ever forget that braveness, the Light we caught a vision of, and the promise of freedom of all shackles – mundane or celestial.

Near Life Experiences hit you when you tear off the blindfold that was bestowed upon you. Either you willfully complied or got tricked.
Time to tear it off and hit the road and look for your pack of Wolves.

Watch out for accepting the small treats the System will throw out like: Atta boy, Atta girl, in order to tell you that you are special and treasured. No, you’re not: The System of Control only holds what is sees as its enemy close in order to monitor your movements. Big Tech, and how corporations are turning society into armies of spineless humanoids whose lives are hacked and whose destinies it wants predetermined by algorithms.

The Near Life Experience is to face the fear of punishment, excommunication, and what have we. The Near Life Experience is to finally realize that you are right. You are on track. That doesn’t mean that your “Right” is everybody’s “Right.” Souls differ. So, we have to take that into account also, but it isn’t a problem since: If we want to have a Real Life Experience, we have to allow others to find theirs.

Life knows where it is going.

There is a Hopi saying/prophecy: 
There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.

©2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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