Meghan Markle In: ‘Along Came a Spider- Eyed’

January 14, 2020

I really don’t care about the Royals and what goes on there.
What is interesting is to see the dynamics and strategies of Sociopaths. When they hit entities that are in the public eye, like royals, their impact gets a lot of attention – this one is over the roof.
The dynamics of this kind of drama is there to see for everyone and the same thing happens to so-called ordinary families.

They target one, splitting that one from his or her closest friends and family, and create a rift too big to cross.
It is well known as the strategy of Sociopaths – I am surprised no one has used that term yet – to isolate you and to take absolute control of you.

At first, it’s very discreet and when you are mesmerized and dazzled, they know the right words and they know the power of sex and the illusion of intimacy. Their web is very cunning and invisible to the person being caught in it.

Then they begin “splitting” and soon you’re isolated. This Splitting came fast.

A term used for a sociopath in work environments is “A Splitter.”
This spider has a long history of splitting.
When discovered by outsiders, they play the victim card like every sociopath does.
Deceiving your world or the whole world – it makes no difference to them.

In this particular case, this Spider Eyed person had an acting career.
Acting is a very strong word to put on her resume.
In Suits, this Spider had two expressions – Inducing guilt, being cute.
In real life – she has the same range.
In order to act, an actor has to tap into his or hers realm of emotions.
If they aren’t there, then they can only pretend. And an actor who pretends to be acting – it doesn’t come out quite right and we get thrown off. This time: Most of the Brits.

They do not make sense – does one thing, says another and so on.
‘I’m Woke but it’s all Smoke’

They will get their will, no matter what, even if it costs them their lives or the one’s closest to them. (hint)


The Spider Eyed People
July – 2019

I have previously touched upon different kinds of people – The Crystal Eyed, The Heart People, and some others. I have little need for putting people in boxes but seen from a metaphysical perspective, the boxes help.

The people I’ve mentioned are high frequency beings – the Spider Eyed not so much. They are subhuman-like beings with nothing positive to bring to the table. Quite the opposite. When we encounter them or clash with them—which often will be the result—they will try to create a conflict or construct a conflict in order to deprive you of your power and energy.

After such an encounter, you will often say,

“Why the hell was I so stupid to fall for that and why am I suddenly feeling all bad about myself, because I apparently harmed a fellow human being with quite an innocent deed or remark?”

And that’s their game:

To victimize themselves, or even better, pretend to victimize themselves and make you feel guilty about it in order to control your feelings and your core values.

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