America is Rising

April 19, 2020

In Europe the narrative is now: That if you do not believe the Government, WHO and its Main Stream Media – You are a right wing Trump supporter.
Europeans need to ask themselves:
Do Governments and its Main Stream Media ever Lie?
So what makes you think they are telling the truth now?
Only fear, makes you question your perception about that.

When this ‘epidemic’ started, Europeans stockpiled toilet paper.
Americans stockpiled Guns.

The Crossing – This is the start
Tales From The Future


Liberate Your State, Save the 2nd Amendment

Armed demonstrators swarm New Hampshire state house demanding lockdown be lifted

Tale of two Americas

Crowds continue pouring onto Florida beaches

Gov. Abbott Announces Strike Force to Reopen the Lone Star State: ‘We Will Open Texas’

Protest Against NJ Gov. Murphy Stay-at-Home Order: ‘No More Fear’

‘This is so un-American’: Internet roasts Bill de Blasio after mayor urges New Yorkers to SNITCH on those not doing social distancing by snapping their photo and texting it to the city

Yes, It Is Appropriate to Defend 2nd Amendment During Coronavirus Pandemic

US lawyers sue China for TRILLIONS of dollars


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