Ancient Love

September 23, 2020

Ancient Love ripples through time and space.

When it finds you and it hits you it will be High Impact. It will knock you out of sanity and reason, unless you can surrender to it. This is the impact that is either inconvenient, disturbing in its insistency or: The best thing that will happen to you. Yet, all we know as Nomad Souls is that love is the most powerful thing we can encounter. For many reasons obviously, the most transcending is its life-altering aspect, whether you choose to engage or not.

As we go through life, we empower ourselves, also on a note of opening up to the deep past: Lives before this, where we tend to see this life as a drop in a rainstorm. Some need that connection to past lives opened by hypnotherapy, regression therapy or through intuitive insight.
The result will be: ‘We do not meet new people, we recognize them’.

Not all of them are Ancient Loves – most are Soul Mates, kindred spirits and karma playing out.

Only one is: Ancient Love.

I will not so much go into the theories or lived experience on the Soul Mate or Twin Flame issue, though the Twin Flame will fall into this calling out for love from the distant past.

I am more interested in describing its effects – since it will knock you out.

Once it has hit you, that your Ancient Love is out there in the flesh, that miracle will not leave you, you can’t flush it out if it cannot be a physical reality in this life; that you cannot be together. You have to put it somewhere in your consciousness or heart, where it won’t stand in the way of the love that is either in your life already or about to manifest if you are alone.

The vibe of the Ancient Love then becomes a toning of sadness/humbleness/joy/gratefulness – that we will always carry with us.

A romantic relationship outside the perimeter of Ancient Love, can be very deep and fulfilling, but the Ancient Love goes so much deeper than that or better: Higher than that.  If it hits while you are in a relationship that is good, and you have the possibility of interacting with the Ancient Love, it can be very hurtful, since it hurts to leave a good relationship, but the pull is too strong, so you have to. If you can’t leave what you’re in due to love, and now you have two loves, it will give you a crisis that can take years to conquer.

If you can leave a relationship on account of the impact of meeting an Ancient Love you will for the rest of this lifetime have conquered the Big Blue, in its void and its vastness and as a picture of a Sea of Love. The currents are always strong in that Sea, whether we´re surfing it, swimming in it or now: Being that Sea of Love, mirrored by one single look into those all too familiar healing and soothing eyes of a long-lost beloved we maybe didn’t know that we missed.

That’s why it is so Soul Shaking, Heart Exploding.
When we tend to describe it, words fail, and we have to open the realm of words that are normally tied into spirituality, the celestial, religion. The Persian poet Rumi can. His connection and his path to being spiritually and mundanely awake, was the path of sensuality.

When this kind of love hits us, we begin to understand what he is trying to say, not just as romantic words, but as an experienced metaphysical reality we suddenly find ourselves within. The heart doesn’t open slowly; it blows wide open in an instant. So does the consciousness and this is where consciousness and heart becomes One.
No more divison.

Defenseless we stand, shell shocked beings, suddenly free and trapped at the same time, maneuvering the physical world because we still have to, or finding ourselves without any interest in this world at all, suddenly stigmatized in a moment that seems to be frozen in time, until ‘release’ sets in, either merging with our Ancient Beloved or for many reasons, not being able to. My advice if you need any: Go for it.

But, and it’s a big but, you both have to know it!

Maybe he or she doesn’t know. Maybe he or she, isn’t there yet.

If you approach it and that is the reality, be very subtle, which is very hard since every fiber in your being is longing for this person. You have been magnetized by the impact of recognition beyond any reasonable doubt and that energy can spook your beloved off in a way that it’s a shutdown, because basically he or she can perceive you as a bit creepy if not a whole lot. And it is such a hard thing to do, since your ‘sanity’ is long gone. You have to pull on it in order to restrain yourself and it is almost impossible. You have to try for it.

If you succeed in this and can administer yourself, and often knowing what is at stake here will give you the power to do so, you are in the perimeter of success and the outcome will often be successful. If your Ancient Love doesn’t have any feel of recognition transcending space and time and cannot respond to that: You will need to walk away, maybe saying to yourself: Well, not in this lifetime. But as said, that person and the aftershocks of that Earthquake of Love will stay with you for many years.

The healing way out of this is to understand that there is love to be found outside the realm of Ancient Love, and it’s good, it’s fulfilling, and it is as it should be. By embedding that into our hearts and souls we can be in the Big Blue and fare very, very well.

The Ancient Love is that One soul, and with him or her you can bring together what has been separated, transcending the karmic relationships, transcending the Soul Mate, transcending the Twin Flame. Transcending your soul and spirit, into: I am not important to myself anymore.

It is absolutely surrendering your physical, emotional, intellectual and last but absolutely not least, your spiritual body, without hesitation, without any biases, without any agenda. This is where you see how great you are and how little you are: The greatness of Love sweeping everything away in your life as you knew it and this is where you basically kneel down and fold to the Universe and realize that with this kind of encounter: You have to be humble to a tear.

That should be a good way of measuring if you actually are in the vortex of Ancient Love.

This doesn’t make it easier:

You have to erase a lot of programming of ‘the right partner’ as goes for programming in the collective realm of romantic relationships. It can be a difference in age that can raise eyebrows, it transcends borders and is often ‘inconvenient’, since you might be busy doing your thing and entering this will only ‘mess your life up’.

Yes, it will mess your life up. It did so already. So, do you want to be in your comfort zone as goes for where you live, work, family, plans you already made for your future? It cuts very deep. It has to or it won’t be the Ancient Love.

On another note: You can be in a place in your life where the relationship you are in is or about to be worn out. This will make the exit easy. Or you can be single: Run, for it.

Signs to look for:

The impact obviously, but you can’t look for that, it will find you. That’s the nature of being High Impact.

There is recognition beyond doubt, often in the eyes or in the voice. A frequency that travelled through myriads of lives but only you know. That recognition is not sexualized, it is: Sensualized.

The field or the realm where sexuality has merged with the emotional or spiritual body in you, which makes any fragrance of sexuality a question of Sensuality; when you make love, when you talk, when you experience every interaction between you in the horizontal world (3D). You have transcended now, via the High Impact, and you are as well grounded in the horizontal as you are in the vertical, which we often call the Universe.

There are no more contradictions. The Love you feel now, facilitated by your Ancient Love, took those away in a breath.

Remember you are in theory two souls in one. He or she has it the same way and because of that you two are, in theory, one big manifestation of Love, beaming out through the celestial realms, and the soundtrack is an angelic choir.

Only thing that can separate you again is Death. The Ancient Lovers do not leave each other, since they understand also that they had to die for themselves, as said, to manifest and merge with the Ancient Love. As we know death is an illusion.
On another note, this explains why down the timeline, these seperations from the Ancient Love often are very traumatic since the Split often is associated with a collective drama playing out. Wars, epidemics, sudden death.

Ancient Love, if one of them should go before the other, will linger through the veil of nonphysical existence, and she or he will often live life alone after that. Some find a newer love, also through space and time, and that love is good, so cherish it. It is not in any way a calculated replacement, we do not want to go there, it is love and as tender and valuable as love can be.

The impact manifested, is about to, or has, if you are familiar with this. It is beyond words – it is beyond feel – it is romantic love as a state of mind, as a state of consciousness, as a state of the Heart. The rest is a perfect picture painted. A perfect poem written. A perfect coloring of the sky. A perfect bird praising the dawn. A perfect transcendent feel of: Vibrational Safety, making every molecule in our mind, body, soul dancing a perfect romantic waltz inside a perfect passionate tango.

Your beloved came out of the fog that had your heart not seeing clearly.

This is not so much the meeting of the evolved feminine and masculine. That is embedded.
This is the Cosmic feminine and masculine, surrendering.

Finally Home

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