And So the Great Divide Begins – Lessons From the Past

August 10, 2021

As distasteful as it is to rewrite the words uttered by such evil, monstrous men, I fear that without sharing the cunning ways they manipulated so many, we will neglect to pay due attention to the ease in which they carried out their heinous plans.

How quickly we’ve forgotten the horrors of these dictatorship regimes. Not the mass murders, but the slippery slope of mass manipulation waged against the public that create the breeding ground ripe for hate, fear and division.

Additionally, fuelling the collaboration between the state and its subjects for the abuse and eventual murder of so many groups in society.

For those, like myself, who’ve spent some time studying the era of the Nazis, it feels horrifyingly familiar, making me as deeply uneasy as when I visited Auschwitz and saw those rail tracks leading to the gates of hell.

Mass manipulation of the people

It’s the psychological abuse that is repeating itself on a loop, from dictatorships now turned to dust who have infamously brutalized their people, which holds the fascination.

It’s the same relentless fear-based propaganda that is being shoved down the public’s throat now. With all of our so-called ‘smart technology’ we have it drilled into us from every conceivable angle. It’s exhausting and I don’t even seek it out. It finds me, as much as I try to hide from the onslaught.

Mass manipulation of the public has happened countless times throughout history. And we seemingly never learn.

No one thought the horrors that these regimes perpetrated could ever happen in a civilised society. No one thought a government could be so evil. And no one realised what was happening until it was too late.

The slippery slope of emergency decrees

It usually starts with an Emergency Decree for ‘Your Own Protection’ declaring a state of emergency and suspending basic human rights such as freedom of free speech. Sound familiar?

I wonder if we’re aware that in our own emergency legislation, that was so softly and silently passed last year, officials can remove a person to a place suitable for screening and assessment, allow a healthcare professional to take a biological sample by appropriate means, all in the interests of the person, the protection of other people and the maintenance of public health?

Add to which, under applications for compulsory admission to hospital for assessment or treatment, to avoid ‘undesirable delay’, only one medical practitioner can sign off on compulsory treatment orders.

It’s all there in the small print that they know no one bothers to read.

History shows us how quickly and easily democracy can morph into a dictatorship in one fell swoop. Don’t participate in the ‘Great Turning Away’, history teaches us better – that is why they are working so hard to erase it.

The tactics of divide and conquer

I was prompted to write this after surfing through some news headlines and diving into the comments section which, as we all know, holds some real gems amongst the general ratatat of the keyboard trolls.

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