Andalusian Tales: Dharma Rising

February 2, 2020

Often the concept of ‘going home’ seems so inviting. Every single one of the Heart People has that longing. Not that used to being here, but they have come once again from the vastness of the cosmos with their celestial knowledge roaming wildly inside the alchemy of their hearts, looking for fellow travelers. They will find. They will know.

A fisherman’s boat gets pulled up on the beach below me. People flock in the small hour before sunset to get the really fresh seafood. A pad of dolphin’s swims by.

Some say that reincarnation is a complicated affair. Some say they ‘don’t have to come here no more’.

Not considering the pull of the heart. Not considering the love for it all. Not considering ‘Celestial Consciousness’. Not considering Desire.

We might not understand that it is one thing and one thing only that drives us, thrives us, fills us in the space between lives where we are in the flesh. Every life is a drop in a cool morning drizzle, and without the drops there would be nothing to caress the soil dark as winter into a display of abundance.

When we look from the spirit world at people in harm’s way, we don’t stay.

When our spiritual family leaves the celestial realms out of that desire, we don’t stay behind.

We see it from a divine perspective that seems like a forgotten knowledge, washed away by the constructs of a planet in deep dark pain telling us that we are not eternal, that we are not the souls we are looking for, making us petty, making us dispensable. They look at us, like some look at the dharma of the people here living ‘quiet lives.’ How dare they, even on the account of spiritual superiority.

We have to look at ‘Dharma’ as multifaceted.

Given a touch of soulful alchemy, we can transcend our longing for release, longing for justice, longing for love, longing for celestial, into longing for change. Enforcing our stamina, sharpening our swords, living love, loving the love, play up a storm with the instruments we are given in deep alignment with our dharma.

Dharma is the ancient word for our intention in this life. Life’s path – life´s purpose. It holds the ‘why are you here’ answer.

For some people Dharma is to live a quiet life. Having children, caring for them. Falling in love, stick to that. Going to work, making dinner. The Soulful alchemy lies within the safety, in what some who took a self-perceived higher ground, would label as a boring life.

We feel trapped when we can’t transcend the coldness of this planet with the warmth we have within. That is the first battlefield of the Eternal Celestial Warrior.

We have to approach alchemy and fill the boiling pot in our hearts with the darkness we sometimes also mirror, the darkness of: indifference, opposites, resentments, distance, elitism, with the pure and transformational celestial fire we have inside and point the result of that alchemy not at our fellow travelers but towards the tidal wave of pure evil that rules the framework of this world.

The first ray of sun hits the white Spanish rooftops and the dogs stop barking. The second rays of the sun hit the orange honeysuckle that grows on every stone wall surrounding the houses. The honeysuckle blooms in early November it will wither come the heat of May.

We need to recognize that every given day is Holy and if we think we can’t do that we have to force ourselves into that perspective. No reason to think that yesterday was holy but today is not. No reason to feel that last month was holier that this month.

Staying power within the concept of Holy, no matter what you put into that concept: God, Jesus, your beloved’s eyes, your children.

There is a healing darkness. There is a healing light.

The healing darkness is a physical room to seek when this world gets to you.

The healing darkness will heal if you befriend it and explore it.

Only if you know the compounds you are working with and those working inside you, can you be the transcending alchemist in the hot, hot furnace of the inner heart with its desire for holy.

Only if you allow yourself, in times of soulful despair, to go into your room, shut the blinds and confront it, can you pull it up by its roots.

Darkness has a habit; it follows you around. Only by confronting your stalker can you dissolve it by light and into light. In soulful alchemy light feeds on darkness dissolved and transformed.

Darkness has to live with the knowledge that if the light comes for an unexpected visit it has to dissolve, transform itself into shades of grey and forever be gone.

Darkness fears the light.

The light doesn’t care too much about the darkness since it knows it just has to step in to illuminate it.

That is our promise. That is why we are here.

Dharma driving celestial souls. Every day we are here the darkness gets lit up.

By the velocity of our collective frequency.

© 2017/20 Soren Dreier – Services


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