Andalusian Tales: The Humbling Power of Holy

September 18, 2018

In the town where I live there is a very beautiful church. I like to go there now and then for a God talk or just to be in a holy room, mediating on the golden colors that are dominant there. It gives the soul a boost. The altar and the crucified Jesus are covered in gold. The Virgin Mary is Azure blue.

The gold and the azure color is what I see in the celestial and are the colors of high frequency realms.

The priest is sort of ‘blissed’ out; he has the look of rapture on his face. I never noticed him looking unkindly or annoyed by the more or less heavy load of tourists, walking in and taking pictures. He is in a state of Bliss. Much nastiness is tied into the Catholic Church. I am sure that he is aware and has no part of it.

On occasions I have had a brief talk with him and he once asked me what I did for a living. I just said, “I am into spirituality,” and he said, “That’s really good, interesting,” and gave me a blessing, well knowing that I am not into boxed in religion.

Four years ago when I came to this town I went in and he was coaching a bunch of teenagers into their Confirmation. They where very playful, distracted and not so easy to handle. He did not correct them, but created a ‘room’ where they could act it out and where he could teach them. He also is playful. I thought that was pretty cool. Joy isn’t always a bestseller in boxed in religion, to put it gently.

Last month I had two very transcendent experiences walking into the church. At one time I was with two clients who had travelled down for hands on healing sessions and we were walking around town and I asked if they would like to see the church. They would.

When we walked in, I was hit by the power of ‘Holy’  – it hit me highly unexpectedly.
My body shook and my soul started to cry and this blanket of forgiveness and love laid itself over me. Very humbling. My soul knew it was safe in that feel and the crying was a reaction to that reassurance, like: ‘Who am I to feel this blissful safety in the presence of the power of the Christ?

The students didn’t notice it while it went on; they noticed after, since there was a toning of being shaken in my voice. I could hear it tremble with my inner ear and wasn’t sure if it was audible to others. It was.

These moments can be hard to contain for a long period of time because they are so powerful, although that is a great thing to do, and if I do it through meditation it will last longer. That is because the power is so strong in its energy that when it builds up inside, it is both hurtful and healing.

Easier to contain in privacy where one can act out on it, maybe by crying, maybe by praying by oneself for the souls caught up in the evil and darkness of the Matrix.

I went some days later, somehow expecting the same thing to happen, but it didn’t.
That is also part of it. It has to come to you when you are ‘off guard’, because your expectations are down and you do not have an agenda.

The second time the force hit me was in light of this, also highly unexpected, but the significance of it inside the timeframe of two weeks only strengthened the feelings from the first impact that still lingers on. It is very blissful, soul shattering and Holy, at the same time. It is a celestial Vortex of infinite love.

These tender moments where we feel we are being ‘lifted’ both out of the mundane struggles that we all have to reach a state of feeling safe, transcended, or reach the edge of the external Matrix and the Matrix inside us, will forever change our own perception of where we truly belong: In The Celestial and it can make us see The System Of Fear for what it is: A dark entity, trying to sabotage everything that each of us feels is holy, valiant, soulful, illuminating and will bring us in touch with the field of the Saints, no matter what belief system we have.

It corresponds with our deepest feel of longing and belonging at a quantum level and the fractals of golden and azure blue will heal the deepest realms within our souls. My recommendation is, just be open to it in a non-expectance way.

It’s beyond the feel of spiritual or mundane specialness.

If you don’t know if you’re safe or not, you most likely are.
The Celestial Love – will find always find you.

© 2018 Soren Dreier – Services

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