Anti-Media Shifting From Facebook to Minds

May 6, 2019

No good things last, it is said, and Facebook’s days as a medium for spreading information have come and gone.

The social network has faced a firestorm of criticism over numerous privacy violations and supposed negligence to Russia’s electioneering of America’s last presidential election, but one thing the tech giant is praised for in the media is silencing and deplatforming views deemed “dangerous” or outside of the scope of acceptable debate.

Anti-Media saw first-hand the effects of Facebook’s heavy-handed censorship when our media outlet was removed without warning on the morning of October 11th, 2018, along with 800 other content creators. Our 6-year-old project that started as a meme page and blossomed into an influential anti-establishment media outlet was suddenly deplatformed over the incredibly arcane reason of “coordinated inauthentic behaviour.”

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