Are You Allowed to Grow?

February 11, 2020

First of all, we do not permission.

As we evolve, yesterday really becomes yesterday’s news in the tale of us that we are creating by detaching more and more, not avoiding the voids anymore but with a deep sense of knowing that we are walking forward in our lives, not clinging to the status quo anymore and being very very grateful to the people we have interacted with, either romantically, philosophically, and so on.

But maybe you’re not there anymore at all. Not because you don’t like them anymore, but the vision for you did not include them. Even though the departing has been extremely painful.

On a higher note, It is all about detaching comfort zones since the concept of comfort zones does not align with taking these tremendous leaps of faith that people are taking now. They are so extremely courageous. And that seems to trigger the ‘victim’ programming to the lowest frequency in the rear view window of these courageous souls.

Hammered by the matrix. Struggling with the faith. Struggling at a soul level.

Struggling with ex partners, old friends and even family.

I’m about to say: So unfair, but I know it comes with the package of removing shackles and it seems to be part of the Universal Conspiracy of: “Do you really mean this… pilgrim?”

So it’s testing time in Departure City and you will be under low frequency emotional attacks until you stand you ground, like I advised the guy to do. Because the final confront in that situation also was a test of his emotional detachment.

Again: We’re not sociopaths, and what our hearts have loved it will always keep in it.

The trick here is to really understand: Gratitude, of the love that people have given us. Nobody, I would imagine, would forget that. But there’s a big difference between being grateful or attached in an comfort zones way with a need to keep on keeping on being grateful for the people in our lives, French kissing or not.

And since I’m a hopeless romantic I often focus my attention on the romantic love since the rules of engagement resemble the big breaks we have from the matrix.

We loved our job, now we got sacked or left it.

We loved our friends but they don’t have our thrive for freedom, so we suddenly can feel: The Burden of Friendships and that is not a much spoken of weight to carry.

We loved our family but they held us down.

Departing that really hurts. And the only reason it bloody hurts is that: We have a heart.
After the hurting – relief kicks in. It can take an hour – it can take a year.

Measure your suffering in that equation and you will see you’re no coward taking the easy way out.

Low frequency people are taking the easy way out, when a relationship calls out for emotional depth they cannot deliver. When our job calls for ‘Staying Power’ and we are not committed. That’s skating on the thin ice of modern life, and it will crack.

We’re deep divers here. Deep diving doesn’t go well in shallow waters unless we want to break our necks.

If you can take the deep dive in your relationship, work, social surroundings and you feel that is where you are: Do it. Better sooner than later. The longer the drag – the deeper the pain and it will Morph into anger. Externalized anger and internalized anger, not healthy since it comes from the pain of postponing what is good for your soul.

Your oxygen will be the unspoken permission to do that within the architecture of high frequency relationships, that many are just learning to form. Unspoken, because you really only need your own permission and it is absolutely paramount, that you can do that.

It’s a vortex point where the soul transcends to its most vivid potential and: Be gone… the past has to be in it. It’s very stealth because it is embedded. If you can’t kiss the past goodbye, you can’t go. Simple as that.

It transcends into: Choice and that is important to take into account.

Don’t ever blame anybody on an emotional note for a lack of freedom. That’s victimising yourself.

If you’re in a no good emotional reality you have to go to: Choice.

And ‘My God’ are people good at taking each other down with their pre-programmed ‘who you used to be’ and not granting you the slightest possibility of evolving and keep on keeping on, because they are stuck in the muddy waters of jealousy, envy and lack of courage to take a leap of faith into change.

It’s their problem/reality and you don’t have to buy into that agenda. But reacting to it can be very liberating for all.

If you don’t feel that: Just walk away, but before you do, please examine if you can without anger. If not: Maybe engage, mild, gently but firm.

If you do. Look out for nasty emotional tentacles trying to suck you dry.

Who is the most important person in your life? Often you are!

If you don’t provide for yourself on an emotional level, you don’t stand a chance here in the detaching from what you need to detach from and finding what you truly seek. You wont stand a chance… You can only help others see their potential, or their way, or enlighten them, or what you feel is your mission here, if you don’t wear yourself out on an emotional level.

The new age matrix would like you to make this equation:

“I´m a good person in the eyes of the celestial if I wear myself out on a daily basis overlooking my own needs.” If we grasp, that we are the most important person in our lives, we collect the strength to serve others. It is a vortex point where good intentions can go down because there is no power left to fuel them. That is really all I am saying on an energetic level. Come to 3D, I can really think of a lot of people in my life, that I hold more important than myself. Those we would die for. So it has nothing to do with self importance – but everything to do with protecting our core.

It has absolute nothing to do with self-empowering if the batteries runs too low. It has everything to do with disempowering you and people see that and they will rescue you or they will suck you dry.

Stand your new ground.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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