Astral Spiders Looking For a Home

November 17, 2015

The astral layer or field, as some prefer to call it, is very vivid.

From the denser specters of the astral field to the high light specter of it. The dense part is the part that is closest to our physical layer – the lighter is very close to the etheric field.

The astral layer is the realm for ghosts that cannot seem to move on, or they may actually have no idea of their own passing. The astral layer is also the realm of subterraneans.

The ‘population’ of the astral field is as rich as our physical realm as goes for different life forms, so it’s a world by itself, and so is the etheric field.

I have touched upon these layers or fields before, so today I will just talk about one aspect of the astral layer.

I came across it, or it touched my path, the last two months and for very good reason it seems.

One astral field I like to call the realm of the subterranean.

It mostly consists of creatures that live their life underground. Not because they are doomed to it, as little as we are doomed to live in the physical 3D realm. The astral field has, like ours, its own evolution. Some of it reflects the physical plane’s animal kingdom; others reflect the human evolution.

Sometimes they interfere in our world as we interfere with theirs.

They can get a bit annoying when they do so, and we can be annoying to them.

In Iceland they have a policy of seeking permission before they drill a mountain or plan a construction. In Reykjavik, you can actually get maps that will point you to where they live. A very good idea: Have a good standing with the subterranean and the construction work will go more smoothly, and if you disregard it, accidents will occur. Not many Icelanders doubt that.

The spiders.

I started noticing high dense shadows moving rapidly across the floors. The way to spot them if you want to do that intentionally, is by not trying to look directly at them. They almost always appear in your peripheral vision. The peripheral vision is what we can see to each side without moving our eyes. Look straight ahead and examine how much you can see to the sides without moving the eye. Some benefit from taking a finger straight in front of them and when moving the arm, they keep their focus straight ahead and just noticing how far their peripheral vision goes by moving their arm, so it becomes aligned with the shoulders. That’s where the peripheral vision stops.

You can easily be trained to perceive more and the way to do this is by being aware of what goes on in the peripheral vision.

So if we sit and watch TV, some do, people often see some grey fluffy cotton-like stuff moving very fast across the floor or up the walls. If you have a cat or a dog, you can observe that they often react to these movements by turning their heads. Cats and dogs have a very extended peripheral vision. They have to have, since it protects them against attacks or being sneaked up upon as a target for predators.

So I was more or less minding my own business and these apparitions started swarming the house. I said to my guests: Something’s not right, since it was a form of spiders and centipedes I had not seen before.

Again, I have had visions of a major earthquake at the coastline of the Mediterranean, and I mentioned it to a few: Something underground is brewing, since the guests from the astral realm seemed very confused and fearful.

It got so bad, that I had to shake my clothes in the morning for these beings and they would tumble to the floor and run for cover. Also towels and carpets lying around. When I´m with people who aren’t aware of these things I don’t mention it. We seem to have a need to make a sensation out of this and especially a need to let people know we can see it. Well, it’s not an honorable motive since it would scare most people. No need to get a few cheap points on that account. ‘Be a mystic on a need to know basis’- is important to the mystic or he isn’t a mystic. I think that is a good and sober measurement.

Normally I would clean the house for these beings, which I did when I moved in, but as said: something was not right.

Near the house they had started construction on a plant, but the groundwork for that was done almost a year ago. The problem here was that further up the road they started drilling the rocks in order to lay the foundation for several new houses. So both for me and for the beings – moving time again. As mentioned in a previous post: We should not get accustomed to too much noise and the drilling starts at 8 in the mornings to 6 in the evening. Not good.

I started to talk to the beings and made a big case out of that I understood their worries but it didn’t make them go away, so I cut a deal: Stay out of clothes and carpets and keep to yourself and everyone is fine. Normally, I wouldn’t allow that. I know some that do but I have this deal breaker: I won’t interfere in your world and you are not supposed to interfere in mine. A very important ground rule when we deal with the dense spectrum of the astral layer since they stir up a lot of asymmetrical frequencies that we are more sensitive to than we might think.

I had made my decision about moving to another house, so I thought: Well, leave it be.

What surprised me though was the connection to my hunch about the earthquake. It wasn’t in the Mediterranean but in Chile! (The Mediterranean Earthquake will come and it will be big, since I never have had such a stubborn vision repeating before. Might be in Spain, Italy or Greece and it wont be pretty).

I can say that, since after the Earthquake I didn’t see too much of them, only some tiny spiders. They look gel-like, are transparent like glass and they have a grey toning. Some of them are like a small coin, some of them big as a football.

By having these entities running around the house and the earthquake that far away, it made me aware of how interconnected the fields are, whether they be physical, astral or etherical. What happens on the other side of the Globe doesn’t stay there. It ripples.

Science is talking about the same thing, how small tremors in one part of the world can set off a chain reaction under much different skies.

It is so interesting, since it would apply to the Unified Field Theory, which I don’t pick up as a theory but a reality.

The Unified Field in the physical or the etheric is what I use when reading people or doing remote healings.

It’s where there is no distance, no time, no boundaries.

We reach out and find each other’s fields.

As you might know, the Unified Field is the 99.999 percent emptiness that penetrates everything, which I often refer to as the Void or The Big Blue, because it’s an ocean of information.

If you live in a house that has these disturbances from the animal realm of the astral, a good way of befriending them is to feed them and ask them to behave.

You might feel a bit silly if you can’t see them, but never mind that. These beings like rooted or grounded stuff, like potatoes, basically everything that grows under the soil. If you grow say potatoes and the harvest isn’t good, the potatoes are too small and there is no logical explanation to this – they are robbing you blind.

Put some potatoes on the ground from last year where you grow the new and say out loud: Food – you can eat this, if you keep eating my crop I’ll start shaking the ground, they will listen. It’s like talking to a group of naughty kids that know they crossed the line. Just stand firm and if you succeed you will see the finest harvest of your veggies since they will start to care for their food, as they now know they will benefit.

Together with the small devas of the high frequencies astral field – they love to help.

On a side note: Fruits and berries are not tended by entities from the astral layer but from entities more feminine like out of the etheric field.

So who is really intervening in the fields that surround us?

Mostly human enterprise. Big industry. Private ventures.

We should listen to the ancient voice inside us – that knows all this.

May we do that, since we seem to be stuck in the middle of density and the lightness of the ether with very little consideration on how these fields really interact.

It makes no sense denying beings or entities because we cant’t see them.
We can’t see bacteria – we cant see distant galaxies.

But we know.

I will soon do a follow-up on more beings of the astral plane.

© 2015/17 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

Updated 2015: Strong Quake Hits Greek Island of Lefkada (Greece), but not the one I refer to.
Amazing, the powers of synchronicity.

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