August: Five Retrograde Planets

August 11, 2020

Five planets are in retrograde motion from August 15 to September 9, 2020; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The addition of Mars retrograde on September 9 makes it six retrograde planets for four days up to September 12, when Jupiter stations direct. That leaves five planets retrograde until September 29, when Saturn stations direct.

In summary, there are 5 retrograde planets from August 15 to September 29, including 6 retrogrades from September 9 to 12.

Five retrogrades happens only 4% of the time. Six retrogrades occurs only 0.7% of the time.

When five or more planets are retrograde at the same time the world appears to slow down. You may attract energy at some imperceptible level and it can feel like you are living in another dimension. You might feel like you’re from some other planet or other reality, so there is less inner uncertainty. You may experience feelings of isolation or of being different.

More than four planets in retrograde motion also make it more difficult for people to understand each other. It seems like there are more bad things happening in the world. More violence, psychological abuse, accidents, suicides, and death. Understanding and compassion seem to be lacking.

With the world slowing down, material events can act as blockages that allow you to develop internally and mature. This helps you you find reassurance within yourself.

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