Australia – Heatwave Hell

February 10, 2017

A monster heatwave is gripping Australia and if you’re expecting quick relief, sadly you’re in for a rude and sweaty shock.

Temperatures have already soared to 43.8C in Bankstown and other parts of Sydney’s west and as high as 46.2C at Ivanhoe Airport, in lower western NSW.

New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and parts of Victoria are currently in the grips of a heatwave from hell with cooler weather not in sight until at least Sunday.

Queenslanders will have to wait even longer for a respite with cooler conditions not expected until next week.

The Courier Mail has reported that three children, all aged 13, have been taken to hospital after they succumbed to the warm weather at a North Lakes school in Queensland.

Paramedics were called to the school on College Rd about 10am after several children reportedly reportedly suffered from heat related illnesses, the newspaper reported.

People living in northern Victoria are also working up a sweat before a cool change sweeps through the state, bringing much-needed relief on Sunday.

And South Australians are set to suffer even more with the northern outback town of Tarcoola recording a high of 48.2C yesterday, making it Australia’s hottest town.

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